Professional liability insurance

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Professional Liability Insurance

    Many professions require their members to carry basic liability insurance coverage. Anyone from a contractor, mechanic, and even construction worker is in a position to potentially need this type of coverage. Basic liability insurance provides a layer of protection that normally covers an individual for personal, bodily and property damage in the case of flawed workmanship (Joel, 2013). Beyond this basic coverage is professional liability coverage. Professional liability insurance or professional indemnity insurance is highly recommended for specific professions where individuals are often working in a capacity where an error or lapse in judgment may lead to significant harm of another. These policies go beyond basic coverage to accept the risk for negligence or inadequate services. Lawyers, doctors, and other healthcare providers, such as advanced practice nurses…

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  • Definition And Calculation Of Financial Ratio Analysis: Financial Analysis

    year 2016 to 2017. Therefore, despite of small increase, it is good indicator that return is increasing. Operating Profit %: There is decline in operating profit which indicates that operating expense has increased from year 2016 to 2017 which require control. Gross Profit %: Gross profit is also decreasing from 30% to 36%. This fall is indicator of increasing cost of sales. Fixed Asset Turnover: This ratio is satisfying as sales are generating from fixed asset efficiently. Current Asset…

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  • Four Key Changes Affecting Hca's Success

    The four key changes that were apparent in the HCA’s results were that revenue increased 8.5 percent to $8.434 billion, compared to $7.769 from the previous year. The revenue growth was attributed to patient volumes and patient utilization at the organizations facilities. Admissions increased 7.4 percent, a substantial percent increase from the previous year. Their cash flow from operations totaled $1.263 billion compared to $1,387 billion the year before. The facility emergency room visits…

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  • Personal Accounting Case Study

    flow statement implies assigning a plus (+) or minus ( - ) sign to each amount following the purposes they have served . For instance , If I repaid a $300 on car loan and interest , this amount should be noted -$300 or (300) , while a $400 investment will be written as $300 , simply . And Assuming that those numbers were the cash – related transactions I made for the period , I would better off with a $100 Net Cash Flow to complete my so-called statement. The last , but not the…

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  • Company Case Study: Pearson Air Conditioning And Service

    Pearson Air & Conditioning services financed its operations mostly through debt. Its total liabilities (both current and long term) were $136,211 compared to stockholders’ equity of $126,625. The company might be able to reduce its bank loans by reducing its inventory levels, its cash balance, and speeding up the collection of its credit sales. Currently, the company is paying above the prime rate and this could be because of liquidity risk, inflation risk, or even default risk. If the company…

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  • Looking At The Bank's Balance Sheet Case Study

    number tells us that the bank is not paying their loans, which can lead to debt. When looking at the banks borrowed funds, in the first quarter the bank has no borrowed funds, but by the end of the second quarter there were borrowed funds of 7.494. This is unfavorable because borrowed funds tend to be very costly. Other liabilities grew throughout the year; on 3/31/19, other liabilities was at 24.426, but at the end on 12/31/19 it was at 28.973. This increase means…

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  • Godiva And Hershey's Case Summary: The Demand Of Chocolate

    Summary: The demand of chocolate, at first, vastly outweighed the processors supply. Because of this the number of processors has increased immensely over the last couple of years, especially in West African and Asian nations. The outcome of this caused the global processing capacity to grown more than 400,000 metric tons in just five years. Godiva and Hershey’s market to two totally different groups. Godiva markets their chocolate to people who are willing to spend a little bit more…

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  • Risk Management Case Study: Mr. Wright Air Conditioning Company

    should do. There are the tasks that a risk manager would perform at their job: identify the value of the assets, what risks might occur, and how much are the losses; decide whether to purchase insurance coverages, transfer, or to avoid them. The goals of risk management are to minimize the losses and expenses in the worst case scenario. Risk managers are responsible for managing the risk of the firms, employees, customers, assets, etc. In the following, I will analyze and make recommendations…

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  • Research Paper On Plumbing

    in construction work like rough building. I don 't know much about Plumbing at all, but I know a little bit more on the construction piece and how to build a roof, walls and Laying It All Out and cutting it. I even know a little bit on Timber framing. I am a little interested in plumbing because one day the VHV Heating and ventilation company came into our class and start talking about what they do and what opportunities they have. Also the VHV is hiring during the summer. I thought maybe I…

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  • Watson Leisure Time Sporting Goods Case Study

    | Total liabilities and stockholders' equity | $1,000,000 | $1,300,000 | $1,894,000 | | | | | | Exhibit 3 | Selected Industry Ratios | | | 200X | 200Y | 200Z | | Growth in sales | ----- | 9.98% | 10.02% | | Profit margin | 5.75% | 5.80% | 5.81% | | Return on assets (investment) | 8.22% | 8.24% | 8.48% | | Return on equity | 3.26% | 13.62% | 14.16% | | Receivables turnover | 10x | 9.5x |…

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