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  • Professor X Wants You Analysis

    human race, human. It’s easy to say what exactly is right and wrong. But it’s harder to act upon those set rules. They’re more like guidelines. Guidelines that humans acknowledge and either choose to follow, or ignore. Each person on this planet has their own idea of these notions of thinking. When somebody writes a character in a story, it’s likely that that character will reflect their own ideals and morals. But, what if they write a character that’s ethically, unethical. What ideals can a reader assume the writer has? Well, the reader can’t assume anything. Because that character may be written to just fit that one role. In the X-Men universe, specifically the films X-men: First class and X-Men: Days of Future Past, Hank McCoy or…

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  • The Basement Of The Ivory Tower Analysis

    For years’ parents have told their kids that college is a must and that you have to do it, but in The Basement of the Ivory Tower has another thought about that. Which is Professor X that explain why he feels that college is not for everyone and shares his experience of teaching people that are just not ready for that level yet. So an individual might ask themselves am I that student, or is it really that necessary to go to college just too higher myself and in reality its getting me more in…

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  • Professor X Vs Magneto Analysis

    Both Magneto and Professor X are fighting for the same thing – a world where mutants can live without fear and can be accepted members of ‘society.’ Throughout the film, the X-Men are called “freaks” and ostracized for their differentness. This parallels quite well with the Civil Rights Movement as African Americans face racial segregation and discrimination. Furthermore, the relationship between Magneto and Professor X demonstrates the rift in the rights movement and one of the reasons the…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Grading Essay

    Emails! Nothing can be more frustrating or infuriating then waiting to hear back from your professor during an urgent matter. Whether it be desperately seeking clarification on the instructions for an important assignment or simply asking what you missed in class that day, waiting for your professors response and age you terribly. 2. Failing to provide proper instructions Its upsetting to find out that you did poorly on as assignment you worked your butt on because you failed to use proper…

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  • Professor X V. Friedman's In The World Is Flat

    actually want to go to college, and would help raise the overall IQ of citizens. Friedman in The World is Flat mentions what he calls the gap at the bottom. This is a particular group of students that free tuition would positively impact. In his article “In the Basement of the Ivory Tower,” Professor X, an English professor who teaches the required English classes at a college of last resort and the author of the article says that a lot of his students don't belong in college because,…

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  • Professor X And The Ability To Have Real Psychic Power

    Spiderman once quoted "With great power comes great responsibility". The powers of all superheroes are wished by many ordinary humans. Of course no human can have the ability to possess any super power. If humans did have the ability to have super powers. It would awesome to possess the powers of a psychic and the ability to fly . Not just claiming fake psychic powers, but actually having real psychic powers, and using them to glance into the future. To illustrate, Professor X, a fictional…

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  • Who Are You And What Are You Doing Here By Mark Edmundson

    life decisions. In this essay Professor Mark Edmundson directs his focus towards incoming freshman in college. Edmundson strives to convenience his audience that…

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  • Essay On Classroom Culture

    1. Contrast the surface culture of the last school you attended with that of your present school. “Number of students in class” The number of students in a class at my high school ranges from about 25 to 30 students. Here in college the classes ranges from about 90 to 190. My first day of class I was surprise to walk in my history class and see that the class had run out of seats for students. I was even more socked to walk in to my earth science class only to find out that the class was a…

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  • Personal Narrative: Meeting My Professors

    Meeting My Professors At the begging of every college students career they get the same pice of advice at one point or another. Meet with your professors. This year I did just that. I emailed every one of my professors asking them if there was a time that we could meet to discuss what I can do to succeed in their class. Most of them gave the same advice but they were all different in how they went about it. The first meeting I had was with my Foundations Art Studio professor. Her name is…

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  • Brent Staples 'How Teachers Make Children Hate Reading'

    education. Those three novels were “Kenyon Commencement Address” by David Foster Wallace, “How Teachers Make Children Hate Reading” by John Holt, and “Why Colleges Shower Their Students with A’s” by Brent Staples. These authors had their own opinions or experiences with education that they didn’t agree with. David Foster Wallace believes a person tries to adjust their natural settings and alter the selfish thoughts they have, they can be considered as more adjusted individual`s, John Holt…

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