The Importance Of New Technology

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1. Never Checking their Emails! Nothing can be more frustrating or infuriating then waiting to hear back from your professor during an urgent matter. Whether it be desperately seeking clarification on the instructions for an important assignment or simply asking what you missed in class that day, waiting for your professors response and age you terribly.
2. Failing to provide proper instructions
Its upsetting to find out that you did poorly on as assignment you worked your butt on because you failed to use proper citations or the correct font. Even more upsetting is when you check the rubric and realize you were never instructed to use that font or use those citations in the first place. This usually results in uncomfortable arguments
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Trust me, it will drive you nuts by the end of the semester as the professor uses such advanced technology that simply submitting a paper online is an over complicated mess. If you aren’t up to date on the technology the professing is using it can be hard to follow. I once tried to take a class off because I was sick but the professor insisted I use skype or facetime so I could still take part in the class, I had no idea how to do that. The use of new and unfamiliar technology can become and over complicated mess fir everyone …show more content…
Reliance on old technology Students today have the benefit of using computers, email, smartphones, and graphing calculators. Yet we still have professors who rely on old school projectors, VCRS, and the dreaded chalk board. Teachers who don’t understand how or simply refuse to use modern technology, only serve to create a disconnect between them and their students. This only serves to cause a lower quality of learning for everyone involved.
6. professors who fail to proofread their own writings
Its kind of shocking in retrospect but I have had several professors who simply cannot use proper spelling or grammar on classing notes, power points, and rubrics. At first it can be quite amusing to see your teacher misspell basic words. But when a professor uses poor grammar when putting together power points or instructions, you’d be amazed how much confusion it can cause. I’ve had professors mix up he and she, creating confusion over who they are discussing. By failing to properly proofread their own writings, professor’s risk creating mass confusion for their students.

7. Canceling class without

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