Professor X Wants You Analysis

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Ethics, morality, and basic human nature. All things that make the human race, human. It’s easy to say what exactly is right and wrong. But it’s harder to act upon those set rules. They’re more like guidelines. Guidelines that humans acknowledge and either choose to follow, or ignore. Each person on this planet has their own idea of these notions of thinking. When somebody writes a character in a story, it’s likely that that character will reflect their own ideals and morals. But, what if they write a character that’s ethically, unethical. What ideals can a reader assume the writer has? Well, the reader can’t assume anything. Because that character may be written to just fit that one role. In the X-Men universe, specifically the films X-men: First class and X-Men: Days of Future Past, Hank McCoy or …show more content…
He the serum and at first, it seems to work, but there’s a price to pay for vanity. In Christopher Robichaud’s essay Professor X Wants You, he says “The choice he’s prepared to pay more for is the one he prefers more” (par. 9). Beast wanted to be normal so bad, he risked his own self to do so. The inevitable Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde transformation that happens proves him wrong. The serum did alter his DNA and appearance; but instead of looking normal be becomes the beast he already thought he was. Without knowing the full risks in using his own cure, he pretty much risks his entire being. He had managed to completely hide himself from everybody before, but now with his new appearance, it’s pretty hard to conceal. The question exactly is how unethical was the action of attempting to completely rewrite a person’s genetic makeup? The answer, incredibly. Even if it is with good or even initially harmless intentions. By attempting to rewrite a person’s DNA, whomever decides to do so puts their subject in great danger. Beast had no idea if the serum h had developed would be dangerous or not. It enhanced his mutation and did no further

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