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  • Golden Age Of Tv Essay

    Television is experiencing a new Golden Age. With the rise of cable and premium television along with online content providers, people have much more access to extended content than any other era before now. People’s want for more feature programming is what is driving this new era. Consumers have a need for quality and quantity in television, and the industry is trying to deliver. I want to be a part of this new era. I have a deep fondness for writing and producing my own work. Over the years, I have wrote many scripts for web series or short films, some of which I have been able to see developed and materialize on screen. Needless to say, I have done quite a lot of amateur work with writing and filming, and I would jump at the chance to ever work at something professionally. My dream job would be a television writer, because my college is helping me prepare for it, there is a deep need for talent in the industry, and it would be a challenging experience. I am going to major in Communications with the Radio/Television Option here at Rogers State University. This major is the most obvious choice for the career I want going forward in life. There are many ways one can use this degree in multiple different fields. Kesley Ng, a senior Communications major in the Honors Program, is using the degree toward “the corporate side of [the major] … PR, management, event planning.” Of course, I will be using my degree to work in the television industry. There are many classes dedicated…

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  • Michael Almereyda Hamlet Analysis

    Almereyda enhances this scene by allowing the audience to see it through Hamlet’s “grainy Pixelvision” camera, further cementing the technological focus of his adaptation. Hamlet’s soliloquies tend to be presented through the lens of his video camera or in voiceover as he toys with his video camera (i.e. Hamlet’s “Frailty thy name is woman” soliloquy, which is presented in voiceover as Hamlet watches footage of his mother, father, and Ophelia on his television and camera screens.) This method…

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  • Why Do Police Need Surveillance Cameras?

    from the Police Force? The same way the Police would feel without being able to have Surveillance Cameras, which would be: Lost, Confused, and scared. Surveillance Cameras great for the stopping of crimes, and many other things. Cameras have become a very important role in life, with either security cameras, police, or even cars. They have helped people when it comes to being robbed, police cases, and or even hunting with deer cams. They first started off basic, but over the years have become…

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  • Reflective Essay: Game Day At Xavier University

    “Game Day” isn’t a regular day at Xavier University of Louisiana; it’s a day for Xavier’s Golden Nugget’s to defend their pride, while we cast our wide angel lens towards the basketball court, capturing the engulfing reflection pool in all of its pride. Athletics are a big part to most universities and students’ life. Either they love to participate or some love to go and cheer their peers and colleagues on. I learned this while working at a Xavier’s Women basketball game. I wanted to see my…

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  • Commercial Burglary Case Study

    located at 831 S. Beach Boulevard in Anaheim, NFD. Ahir stated the motel is equipped with several video cameras. There are three cameras located on the north side of the motel. They are located in the below areas: Camera #1 is along the north wall underneath the carport, located approximately twenty feet from the storage/kitchen room. The camera points in an east direction toward the storage/kitchen rear door. Camera #2 is attached the west side of the parking lot and faces east,…

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  • Camera Operator Research Paper

    Camera Operator If you're in it for the creative satisfaction—or perhaps ultimately as a means to becoming a director—then the camera operator's job is for you. A camera operator is the one who sits behind the camera and moves it on its tripod to follow the action. The camera operator's eye sees what is being shot, which gives him an authority to call for another take if something looks wrong on a shot. Thanks to the growth of the TV industry and the addition of commercial advertising to TV,…

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  • The Millennial Tale And Social Sciences: An Analysis

    in such manner. The interview was a whole conversation about the topic which did not let me do this. I could not show the whole chunk in one set of 20 to 30 seconds. Therefore, once I picked the cuts for the videos, I accommodated the different cuts spread out the whole story, as if they were following the story as opposed to just place them in two places. This end was better and more comprehensible to the viewer who is following the story. The scholar interviews actually played a lot when…

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  • The History Of Photography

    When one takes a photograph, they want use to know the most possible from just a snap. A photograph isn 't just a photo they take; within the photo it tells a story and has a mean from the way the photo is taken. Leaving now in the Twenty-First Century a photo means a lot then when it had first came out. The reason that its more manful now is because since we had photography now for a long period of time, we want to keep our photos for a long time to remember those days one had. Not as when it…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Gopro

    belts to raise the cash to sell the product that is now part of America 's fastest-growing camera company. It was while selling bead and shell belts out of his van that Nick Woodman had envisioned the idea of a better film strap for cameras, as the common film straps on the market weren’t particularly durable and broke easily. Do not be mistaken though, GoPro was not his first entrepreneurial idea. Woodman went through building and…

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  • Sobchack Vivian Analysis

    Fear of something you don 't know gives the worst experience. You can have of being a city and all over sudden an explosion is heard that shakes the cities like an earth quake, the streets get flooded everything crushes and stop at your feet. The authors of clover fiend made it successful by being able to make scary to the viewers by putting to a video whereby one of the characters performing was put in at the center of hell the only thing we were able to see was images all the time, and able…

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