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  • North Korea

    Intervening in North Korea The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, commonly known as North Korea to the United States, has effectively existed as a hermit kingdom since the end of the Korean War in 1953. A cease-fire was signed and the DMZ of the 38th parallel became the tentative boundary dividing the North from the South. South Korea has enjoyed economic prosperity and liberal democracy in the past several decades, but the North Korean government exercises strict totalitarian rule over the nation’s economy and citizens. While the full extent of the North Korean regimes’ human rights abuses against its own citizens is not fully known, a Human Rights Watch insists that “abuses within North Korea are without parallel in the…

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  • The Similarities Between The North And South's Culture

    South vs. North The north and the South’s culture are defiantly more different than you would think. The economy of the south was mainly all about farming unlike the north. The North’s economy was farming and factories. The transportation between the two places was almost exactly the same. The society to the north is not as you would think. The south society was different than the north by a big difference. The north and South’s cultures are close but not to close. The south had a hard time…

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  • North America Vs North Korea Essay

    The country of North Korea has been a very curious subject for the people of the United States countless other governments in power throughout the world. Many factors of North Korea have remained a secret over the last few decades, but some have become more open over time to the outside world. The United States and North Korea are both made up of an extreme difference in views within the power of government and also policies that follow their rule, but surprisingly share common virtues that…

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  • North Korean Economy

    Daily Life of North Korea Under a Centrally Planned Economy Throughout reading the book Nothing To Envy Ordinary - Lives In North Korea Barbara Demick depicts the everyday lives that go on in the regime that has been created under North Korean communist power. The book shows many of the economic factors that took place in the beginning and current state of North Korea. With the extreme government regulation that North Koreans experience, there is a lack of basic human rights, poverty, and…

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  • Corruption In North Korea

    North Korea is perhaps the most corrupt country in Asia. North Korea’s government picks and chooses what the people are allowed to see and hear. The objective in doing so is to control the people and keep them submissive. While this is working out for the leaders of North Korea, the people are being manipulated into thinking that their lifestyle is the only way to be living. According to an Economic Freedom Snapshot, North Korea’s economic freedom status is repressed. There are 24.7 million…

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  • North Korea Dictatorship

    The current state of North Korea is an unstable dictatorship threatening the globe with nuclear attacks. The People’s Republic of Korea, or better known as North Korea, is an authoritarian, dictatorship where all power and “knowledge” hails from Kim Jong-Un. Currently North Korea is in a loose partnership with two of the world’s powerhouses, Russia and China. Russia and China can both contribute and aid North Korea if they were to release Nuclear weapons or threaten another war. Because of this…

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  • North Korea Economy

    March 2015 The Reality of North Korea Economy On November 24th 2014, Sony Picture Entertainment experienced a severe cyber attack conducted by a group of hackers called “The Guardians of Peace”. The hackers demanded the cancellation of the planned release of the movie “The interview”, which depicted the assassination of North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un. Aside from the political and comical meanings of “The interview”, the movie also depicted North Korea a country that is in deep poverty.…

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  • North Korea Technology

    North Korea: Population and Technology North Korea is located on the Korean Peninsula in eastern Asia. North Korea is bordered by China, Russia, and South Korea. Not far to the East lies Japan, the former occupier of the entire peninsula (CIA). The location between these countries is one of the most important keys to the formation of North Korea. The exclusive nature, high-urbanization, and governmental policies are leaving the Korean population in a tug-of-war between natural reductions…

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  • North Korea Threats

    North Korea can affect us by attacking our ally South Korea. Attacking South Korea can give North Korea an advantage because it could possible force the United State to use ground troops. The United States Army is very capable of defeating North Korea, but the climate and terrain could affect the outcome. The United States Army has not trained on various terrains. The climate and terrain of the Korea constantly changes as you travel throughout the peninsula. Mountains cover seventy percent of…

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  • North Korea Refugees

    North Korea’s severe political repression, abhorrent human rights conditions, and lack of economic opportunities for its own citizens has created a refugee crisis in the East Asian region, as thousands and thousands of its own citizens are continuing to flee secretly to neighboring countries such as China and South Korea (transiting via China) for better political and economic conditions. The refugee crisis in the North Korea-China border region has become more than just a regional problem for…

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