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  • The Role Of Homelessness In The Community

    stay homeless for a shorter period of time. The high poverty counties are more likely to have more homeless people then low poverty counties. (Homelessness in America - National Coalition for the Homeless." National Coalition for the Homeless). In 2013 Transylvania County has the highest homeless population in North Carolina with 240 homeless individuals and it makes up 73% of their population. In 2014 Transylvania County only had 105 homeless individuals which made up (32%) of the total population. In 2013 Cumberland County had 615 homeless individuals but, it only made up 19% of the total population. In 2014 Cumberland County has went up with 653 homeless individuals making up (20%) of the total population. As of 2014 these following counties had the highest homeless population: Yancey County, Mitchell County, Avery County, Watauga County, Ashe County, Alleghany County, and Wilkes County. All of these counties had 854 homeless individuals each which makes up (41%) of the total population in their county. In 2013 the Northwest of North Carolina the majority of homeless are children (34%) and adults living with families (34%). In 2014 the Northwest of North Carolina the homeless was made up of (41%) children and (28%) adults living with families. In 2013 both Charlotte/Mecklenburg County and Cumberland County children make up 30% of the homeless population. In 2014 both Charlotte/Mecklenburg County and Cumberland County children make up over a quarter of the homeless…

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  • Decline Of Teen Pregnancy Essay

    more likely to rely heavily on public assistance and are more likely to be poor as adults, which may adversely affect their children’s education level and wage earnings (Guilford County Dept. of Public Health 2013). In addition, children from young…

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  • Causes Of Cary's Rebellion

    North Carolina is a unique state in regards to its history. First colonized nearly four hundred years ago, North Carolina has had a turbulent history. From the beginning, there were issues with the Native Americans. As time progressed, the colony continued to have issues, not only with Native Americans, but also problems with the British. Though North Carolina was a British territory, their shared history was one of a rebellious nature against the crown. By the time of the American Revolution…

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  • Children With Autism Research Paper

    Someday I hope to be the founder for an autism school in Jackson County, North Carolina to help children with Autism/Asperger’s disorder. I plan to call it, “School of Smiles”. Children with Asperger’s are unique in their own special way; as many people think they are weird but these children are just wired differently than most kids. definition (“Asperger’s is a neurobiological disorder that is part of a group of conditions called autism spectrum disorders. The term “autism…

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  • Barbeque In Colonial Virginia

    “I don’t think you can really understand the South if you don’t understand barbeque—as food, process, and event.” Barbeque has been one of the quintessential foods of the South and especially North Carolina for over 300 years and one can find its wood-smoked legacy throughout the Old North State. In colonial Virginia, where barbecue is thought to have first been introduced to white settlers, slave-owners made the duty of cooking barbecue for slaves (this was also the case in South Carolina). …

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  • Education Reform In The United States

    In North Carolina, for instance, there has been a gradual shift towards increasing state power regarding education policy and authority. While the General Assembly originally instructed local governments to create certain education bodies, certification processes and curricula, the end of the Civil War marked a significant turning point for North Carolina public schools. States significantly increased financing for schools as well as prescribed courses and textbooks schools were supposed to use…

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  • The North Carolina Blue Ridge Heritage Trails

    From bluegrass, folk and Native American music in the mountains, to beach music on the coast, North Carolina is a state that has an extensive variety of traditional music. The main research focus is on the historic, geographic and musical aspects of the North Carolina Appalachian Mountains. The Appalachian Trail passes through western North Carolina, and the Blue Ridge Mountains are part of the Appalachian Mountain range. Throughout the section of Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, there…

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  • The Impact Of Education On Education And Economic Development

    been taking place in North Carolina over the years. In doing some research about how this impacts our own state I have learned through the N.C. Department of Commerce’s 2016 Employer Needs Survey, more than one-third or 39% of respondents from among the 1,900 businesses surveyed across every North Carolina county concluded to have had difficulty in filling positions in the past year (Salamido, 2016). CONS: The article touched on climate as a vital part of this education to jobs scenario across…

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  • Stand Your Ground Law Essay

    States like Montana, that practices the Stand Your Ground law, have a higher amount of firearm related deaths than a state that does not have the law, such as New York. However, Florida ranks higher than both of those states in the amounts of deaths caused by firearms in 2014. Florida is an in between of the two states, not geographically but in terms of its guns and cultural. New York is generally a more liberal state that does not practice Stand Your Ground or open carry, while the more…

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  • Non-Competition Vs. Public Health: Case Study

    to the employee when it violates the time and territory element. Id. Since the time and territory of the non-compete is reasonable in the present case, the court will find that it is not oppressive to the employee. On the other hand, the court will likely find that the non-compete is oppressive to the public health because restricting Ms. Radford will cause a substantial burden on the public seeking her specialized treatment. If following the restrictions of the non-compete would create a…

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