Decline Of Teen Pregnancy Essay

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The Steady Decline of Teen Pregnancy Teen pregnancy, which is most commonly defined as adolescents from ages 15- 19, is not only a private trouble. Childbearing during the teen years not only have negative effects on the young parents but the children as well.
Compared to ninety percent of women graduating high school by the age of twenty-two, only fifty percent of teen mothers receive their high school diploma by age twenty-two (NC Dept. of Health and Human Services 2015). These youth are more likely to rely heavily on public assistance and are more likely to be poor as adults, which may adversely affect their children’s education level and wage earnings (Guilford County Dept. of Public Health 2013). In addition, children from young
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Indirect effects of teen pregnancy may or may not effect if these children engage in criminal behavior for various reasons, which might include coming from a lower economic status and having developmental and behavioral issues. These extrafamilial and individual risk factors are taken into account as the reasons for juvenile delinquency or criminal behavior late in life. Therefore, if taxpayers are funding the criminal justice in relation to teen pregnancy, this conclusion may be a possibility a legitimate concern. In 2010, taxpayers paid approximately 9.4 billion dollars to fund these services, thus North Carolina counties have joined together to create Sexual Health Initiatives for Teens (SHIFTNC), and Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiatives (TPPI) in order to lower the teen pregnancy and birth rates in North Carolina through education and meeting the needs of teenagers through contraception as another option if engaging in sexual activity at a young age ( Sexual Health Initiatives for Teens 2009; NC Dept. of Health and Human Services 2015). Also, North Carolina has begun their own program caked The Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (AAP) Program’s State Personal Responsibility Education Program also takes a holistic approach to prevent pregnancy through abstinence-only

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