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  • Personal Narrative: My Leadership At North Georgia College And State University

    My leadership crucible did not take place in my military leadership tenure but as senior in college at North Georgia College and State University. The experience of serving as a fraternity president during a time of probation helped shape me into the organizational leader I am today. My fraternity experienced an unfortunate alcohol related event leading it to serve a one-year probation period. At the same time, my peers elected me as President of the fraternity to lead it during this time of adversity and eventually off probation. The presidency presented numerous challenges including morale issues, sharing a common focus, making difficult decisions and working with executives on the school advisory board. The entire experience helped…

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  • My Faith Research Paper

    My faith has always been the driving force of my life. I live by the notion that everything happens for a reason. Ecclesiates 3:1 declares, "For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven." When I first began my college career, I struggled trying to find the best career path for myself. For years, I went through the motionsof taking classes and preparing my schedule in a way in which I believed my college experience should be, until one day I realized that I was not…

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  • Campus Safety Pros And Cons

    planning on studying athletic training in college and becoming an athletic trainer. I have researched the University of Georgia, Georgia College and State University, Mercer University, and University of North Georgia and have also gone over their positives and negatives. University of Georgia has many great aspects and very few negatives. Most importantly UGA has a very safe campus. One of my questions for my student interviews was about campus safety. Amanda Compton, the student I…

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  • College Admissions Essay: I Want To Go To College

    I’ve always known I was going to go to college. It seemed that the fact that my mother hadn’t even graduated high school, much less college, made my future plans inevitable – I needed to attend college. With both of my parents degree-less, I have been left to pursue whatever type of career I wished, as long as I did pursue a career. To some people, that may be empowering. However, it made me clueless. For a long period of time, I resented my parents for it – while others had small pushes from…

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  • Humans Vs. Zombies

    Situation Statement History: Origins: Humans vs. Zombies (HvZ) was first established in 2005 at Goucher College in Towson, Maryland. The creators, Brad Sappington and Chris Weed, made the game free under a Creative Commons license, allowing suborganizations all over the world to play. Humans vs. Zombies is now played on six continents. Rules and Objectives: Humans vs. Zombies at its core is a game of tag. In the original rules, one player is chosen to be the "Original Zombie" and then tags…

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  • Case Study Of Clayton State University MBA Program

    Clayton State University: MBA Program Pitch Marketing Expectations Clayton State University’s MBA program is targeted to the working-class as well as first and second degree managers that desire to move up. The focus of the MBA program is to meet their needs for personal tangency and support, while making it a priority to improve learning, retention, and graduation rates. Given our student needs and limited system resourcefulness, we plan to continue to offer a focused set of academic…

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  • Luke Bryan's Influence On American Early Life

    in life, including marriage and graduating college. He has had up’s and downs in life and has had a great musical career, and can always depend on his fans to make him feel better. Bryan may not have had the best life, but his music career has increased greatly through his years as a musician. Luke Bryan was born on July 17, 1976, in Leesburg Georgia. His real name is Thomas Luther Bryan and is the son of LeClair and Tommy Bryan. Bryan is a young son of a farmer with two other…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Stage That Changed My Life

    I moved from Orlando back to Statesboro, the city that I had once hated so much, to attend graduate school at Georgia Southern. To say I was not thrilled to be back in Statesboro was an understatement, but I quickly found appreciation for the city when I met and fell in love with the man of my dreams. Before moving back to Statesboro, I had promised myself that I would not start any relationships and the point of me living here was solely to attend school. That all changed when I met Patrick,…

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  • Transition Into Public School Education

    My objective isn’t to save the world, but to give this generation and the generations to come hope for their future. I hear too often the complaints of teachers who are limited by the confines of their imagination, and their inabilities to let go of the old style of pedagogy (this is an excellent point; is there something in your goals that can communicate this more specifically?). Becoming a part of Georgia State’s Master of Arts in Teaching program would equip me with the tools I need to learn…

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  • My Future Career Goals To Be A Veterinarian

    veterinarian office, and I already understood the complexity and difficulty of the job itself. My personality fits well with this job, because I enjoy helping animals, most only get one life, and I want to help them live it. I am also very interested in Veterinary medicine and how it’s been developing overtime. I’ve seen my boss do multiple surgeries, so the aspect of blood does not bother me. What really shocked me was the competitiveness; I never thought that this field would be as…

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