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  • Pittsboro Research Paper

    was lucky enough to call Pittsboro, North Carolina my home for the first time. Unbeknownst to me, this small rural town would play such an enormous role in who I am today. From a first kiss to pig pickings, Pittsboro was full of life and opportunities. My family, farming, and the culture here consequently affected how I view the world today. Though I may not get to spend as much time in Pittsboro, my roots will always be in this town. Pittsboro, North Carolina was established in 1771 (Historic…

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  • Bruce Davis: Similarities And Differences

    This campaign season, I worked for Bruce Davis. Bruce Davis was the Democratic candidate chosen in the primary to run for House of Representatives in the Thirteen District in North Carolina. This campaign season was not a traditional one in comparison to what I’ve studied of past campaign’s. Our world has changed with the creation of social media and campaign’s have changed with it. In our campaign we had to look harder to find a proper strategy for using social media to are advantage and think…

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  • Robert E. Harril Summary

    Robert E. Harril, as he was known in his earlier life was born on February 2nd, 1893. He was born in Gaffney, South Carolina. In some of his early writings while at Carolina Beach, Robert specified that he was never predestined to become a hermit.His turbulent life began early on when his mother and two of his brothers died of typhoid fever. If this was not tragic enough, his grandfather, who he looked up too, died from a runaway mule. His troubles were made worse when his father…

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  • Differences Between Men And Women At North Carolina State University

    Since coming to college, I have noticed that not all majors have an equal representation of both men and women. North Carolina State University is well known for diversity on campus and their attempts to raise awareness but I often feel that gender is often overlooked when diversity is discussed. Engineering has been and still is a male dominated field of study. Women have often been overlooked and seen as incapable of this type of work but in reality this is not true. Since NC State has a very…

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  • Roanoke Island Colony Theory

    My theory People for thousands of years have wondered what has happened to the lost colony of roanoke island. There are a billion of situations that could’ve happened. Like alien abductions or territorial indians killing to keep what’s theirs. But here is my inference of what I think could’ve happened. First, I believe that the lost colony relocated to Croatoan island and lived mutually with the indians. I chose to believe this theory because when I looked at all the evidence it all…

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  • John White The Lost Colony Summary

    John White was an English painter, explorer and colonist. John White used watercolors to paint maps and objects that he saw while he was exploring Roanoke. Today we use the paintings by John White to try and solve the mystery of the “Lost Colony.” There was three attempts to settle Roanoke. The first attempt was lead by Arthur Barlowe who took more than a hundred men with him to settle in July of 1585. They had a supply shortage and didn’t think the supplies would get to them in time, so they…

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  • John White's Mysterious Disappearanance

    The only clue to their mysterious disappearance was the word “CROATOAN” carved into the palisade that had been built around the settlement. White took the letters to mean that the colonists had moved to Croatoan Island, some 50 miles away, but . aA later search of the island found none of the settlers. A 100 people mysteriously went missing. I believe that the colonists on Roanoke Island got killed by the Natives because . John White and his men found no trace of the 100 or so colonists he left…

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  • The Importance Of The Hunt Cabin

    rain. During the following two days, July 12 and 13, an additional eight inches of rain fell but in a very short period of time. This amount of rain within such a short period of time resulted in a flood of unprecedented proportions for the South Carolina Botanical Garden. The devastation that occurred to the plants, animals, and grounds was of unfathomable proportions. The implausible amount of rain overwhelmed the Duck Pond and caused the water to breach the dam. The newly installed…

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  • Case Study: South Carolina Lions Charitable Services

    South Carolina Lions Charitable Services Screenings, Hearing Aids and Eye Surgery South Carolina Lions Charitable Services requests $10,000 to continue the important health programs providing vision, hearing, and health screenings, hearing aids, and eye surgeries to the uninsured residents of South Carolina. South Carolina Lions Charitable Services is dedicated to improving lives by providing vision, hearing and health screenings, and hearing aids and eye surgeries for the uninsured and…

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  • Carolina Hurricanes Research Paper

    What Makes a Player Perform: Does Attendance Affect Performance? The Carolina Hurricanes is North Carolina’s premier hockey team having won the Stanley Cup in 2006. This victory means the Hurricanes are the only pro sports team in North Carolina who has won a major championship. Lately, however, attendance has been down and the Hurricanes have not experienced the same level of success as years past. This lack of success has fueled relocation rumors and while relocating could help, it is not…

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