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  • Differences Between Men And Women At North Carolina State University

    Since coming to college, I have noticed that not all majors have an equal representation of both men and women. North Carolina State University is well known for diversity on campus and their attempts to raise awareness but I often feel that gender is often overlooked when diversity is discussed. Engineering has been and still is a male dominated field of study. Women have often been overlooked and seen as incapable of this type of work but in reality this is not true. Since NC State has a very large engineering program, I have had the opportunity to experience this on campus. Amelia Coley is a senior here at NC State and she is currently studying civil engineering. After meeting with Amelia and discussing her experiences as a female in the…

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  • My Future Career Goals To Be A Veterinarian

    veterinarian office, and I already understood the complexity and difficulty of the job itself. My personality fits well with this job, because I enjoy helping animals, most only get one life, and I want to help them live it. I am also very interested in Veterinary medicine and how it’s been developing overtime. I’ve seen my boss do multiple surgeries, so the aspect of blood does not bother me. What really shocked me was the competitiveness; I never thought that this field would be as…

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  • The Senate And House Of Representatives

    Our Congress consists of the Senate and House of Representatives. Every state has two Senators and as many House of Representatives as there are for the amount of people in them. For the state of North Carolina our two Senators are Richard Burr and Thom Tillis. The House of Representative that we have may vary because of the different districts, the one that I have is Craig Horn. Craig Horn has been in the House since 2011 and is up for reelection in 2016. Prior to getting elected for the House…

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  • History Of Islamophobia

    Muslim makes up 0.9% of the United States of America; 1.8 million and if they include the children, it will be 2.75 million. Around the time when slaves were brought slaves to America, Muslims were brought as well. They have played a big role in American society since then and continue to help make great contributions to this beautiful nation. Muslims are being killed as much as African Americans are being killed by police across the nation. Most of the Muslims and African Americans deaths are…

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  • African American Grandmother

    Cooper Sr. He was born on August 15, 1893 and was an African-American male who lived in Weeksville, North Carolina for the majority of his life. According to my mother’s first cousin Lonnie Melton, both he and his wife, Hestor Sutton, had traces of Cherokee Indian through previous generations. In order to support his wife and seven children, Riley Cooper became a farm owner where he prospered through cotton and corn production. Although it is very uncommon for an African-American to own their…

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  • John Hope Franklin Research Paper

    follow (Yarrow). Apart from being an historian and author, Franklin was also former president for many honor societies, including Phi Beta Kappa, Organization of American Historians, and the Southern Historical Association. In order to recognize his contribution to society and culture in the United States, Franklin was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor in…

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  • Stand Your Ground Law Essay

    The United States of America is a very large country with many different cultures depending on what state one are in and where in that state they are. There also laws that can differ from state to state, some being reasonable and others that make one wonder what happened to cause that law to be passed. With so many differences it is understandable to get things that the nation as a whole disagree on, it be the legalization of recreational marijuana or, in this case, the Stand Your Ground law.…

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  • TASS Program Observation Report

    information about Black studies that the program provides, but also because of the life-experiences that such a program provides. This summer camp would provide me the opportunity to venture to another state like New York or Chicago (places that I have never been) and learn more about the world and myself. Additionally, since the program brings in students from across the nation, it is also an experience to meet new people and learn more about the experiences of Blacks and minorities from…

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  • Statement Of Purpose: Professionalism

    college student I plan on working extremely hard for the highest G.P.A possible. I have started off my freshman year on the right foot and hopefully I continue on the right path towards success. This school year with the help of my peer leader and my academic mentor, I have decided to also major in sports management due my passion of analyzing sports as well as managing the business side of things. Additionally, I have greatly appreciated my student mentors and shown me that leadership is an…

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  • Utilitarianism North Carolina

    The passing of House Bill 2 (HB2) in North Carolina has been surrounded by controversy. Some groups have stated that the bill is designed to protect citizens of the state and therefore needs remain law. However, others believe that the bill is transphobic, homophobic, does not represent the state in the best light, and needs to be repealed. Both groups defend their positions by saying that the action they would like to see is the best course of action for the state and its citizens. Ethically,…

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