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  • Football Fans Research Paper

    games entertaining because of their crazy antics. Most North Dakota State University (NDSU) Bison fans are die-hard fans. Fans like this paint their faces green and gold, paint their chests green and gold, and dye their hair green and gold. A few even go as far as getting tattoos of their team mascot, Thundar, or the NDSU logo. License plates on their cars might say “#1FAN” or “GOBISON”. Their recreational vehicles might be personalized with gigantic logos of NDSU on the sides, and these are used just for tailgating. These fans know how to pull up to games in style. Most people call them crazed fans; but everyone wants to sit by them. Die-hards cheer the loudest, and they know EVERY cheer. These fans don’t just do the cheers, they start them. As much as they love their team, they become devastated if their team loses. Many die-hards don’t understand what it is…

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  • What Is Chad Koel's Journey?

    He started producing TV shows for the company, “In-Fisherman”. At In-Fisherman, Chad realized that editing and producing shows was a lot of fun. After a while, Chad started to take in more and more shows, so he began his own company called “Koel Communications”. Chad still works as the head producer and president of his business. “I’m working on a few shows now, some of which are Fresh Tracks with Randy Newman, and Lake Commandos,” Chad states. He mostly works on outdoors shows, but for a while…

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  • Pros And Cons Of The Dakota Access Pipeline

    These hypothetical questions posed to you are the realities of the Standing Rock Sioux Native American Tribe right now. The Dakota Access Pipeline debate as to whether or not it should be relocated from the Sioux Native American reservation is presently taking place due to its construction being merely half of a mile downstream from protected sacred land. The Dakota Access Pipeline has already been relocated once before further south from Bismarck due to concerns that pipeline leaks would…

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  • Chickadee Analysis

    Historical Fiction: Chickadee I have chosen the novel Chickadee by Louise Erdrich for the exploration assignment to address what the historical novel is able to accomplish that a conventional text of the same subject could not. Chickadee is the continuation of a story and fourth book in a series by Erdrich that began with the novel The Birchbark House that introduced a seven-year-old Ojibwe girl named Omakayas. Chickadee takes place in mid-1800 Minnesota and picks up the story with Omakayas…

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  • Conflict In William Ury's The Third Side

    The role of a peacekeeper in William Ury’s the Third Side is to provide safety and peace to vulnerable victims that are easily opened for attack. The protestors are easily prone for attack because they are far from where they live and are being watched and monitored by the police who are looking for someone to arrest at the protest. I believe that another role the protestors are playing in this conflict is the healer. The healer in the Third Side is the one who seeks to heal you, calm your…

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  • The Mandan Indians

    environment and climate to pests and other human beings. Many of the introductions into their world had both positive and negative effects. How were they able to survive and what drove them on a daily basis? The Mandans were like other tribes of their time in that they searched for a place to live that provided the resources necessary to maintain their life. They also made sure the place could be protected from attacking or invading hostiles. Their lives were not focused on material…

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  • Native American Culture Observation Report

    when they see all of objects on the tables, they shared their knowledge to each other about what they know about objects. To me, I’m interested in the dream catcher and its story. I will go online and learn how to do the dream catcher, I hope it would bring me a good dream every night. Besides that, they sold the souvenir when the presentation had finished. In my opinion, this activity will be a good way to bring the Native American culture to everybody today. Notably, they introduce their…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Sitting Bull

    Introduction Dating years before the Americans invaded Indian Territory, Native Americans chiefs have been leading their tribes through their gains and defeats. Native American Indian chiefs are almost equivalent to the president of the United States, the only difference being that they only govern their own specific tribe. For every tribe, there is a chief who ensures that their people are taken care of. It is common for tribes to change chiefs, whether it be passed down from generation to…

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  • Sitting Bull: The Stubborn Chief

    Sitting Bull: The Stubborn Chief Is there anyone that has made the general population change their whole perception on a whole race? Sitting bull was born on the plains near the black hills in South Dakota. Growing up in a traditional native tribe he was pretty sheltered to the rest of the world. As a young child he was just an average child with nothing specifically special about him. When he was ten he killed his first buffalo which officially made him a man. At the age of fourteen he was…

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  • Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Case Study

    Since April 2016, the Standing Rock Sioux tribe in North Dakota have been protesting the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline because it could threaten their only source of water. The most frustrating aspect of this situation is that the tribe was not consulted about the pipeline before the approval of it. They were completely blindsided by this news and are now fighting for their land. Recently, a massive Facebook protest also broke out in support of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe where…

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