Sitting Bull: The Stubborn Chief

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Sitting Bull: The Stubborn Chief
Is there anyone that has made the general population change their whole perception on a whole race? Sitting bull was born on the plains near the black hills in South Dakota. Growing up in a traditional native tribe he was pretty sheltered to the rest of the world. As a young child he was just an average child with nothing specifically special about him. When he was ten he killed his first buffalo which officially made him a man. At the age of fourteen he was involved in his first tribe battle; in this battle Sitting bull earned a feather and was finally seen as a leader. Sitting Bull was a magnificent warrior who became the greatest Lakota chief to ever live, as a chief he stood up for his tribe when the American’s
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Sitting bull was destined to be the almighty chief of the fierce Lakota tribe at a young age. “He had been divinely chosen to lead and protect his people, and established himself in this role while still a young man.” (Sitting Bull (Hunkpapa Sioux) 1). Sitting bull knew even before he was a man that he would have to lead a great nation through adversity, and was ready to take on anything fist first. This showed strong leadership at a young age. Sitting bull was known as a non-peaceful man from the start, but more so when it came to the white man he would immediately be hostile towards them. “He had no use for peace with the white man – Sitting Bull once taunted rival Indians with the boast that ‘The whites may get me at last… but I will have good times until then.’ (American Experience: TV 's Most-watched History Series)1. In Sitting bulls eyes the white settlers only showed bad, so all he had was animosity towards white settlers. In his mind, there was no reason for peace with the white man because he knew they would try anything to get his land. Since these people were trying to take his land he took action and finally declared …show more content…
Sitting bull and McLaughlin got along really good until the ghost dance movement started. McLaughlin suspected sitting bull a leader of that movement but he really just followed it. So when the tensions were rising James decided to arrest sitting bull to lighten the tension and then chaos struck. “For several years, McLaughlin and Sitting Bull enjoyed a strained but peaceful relationship. In 1890, however, a popular religious movement known as the Ghost Dance swept through the Standing Rock reservation. The Ghost Dancers believed that an apocalyptic day was approaching when all whites would be wiped out, the buffalo would return, and the Indians could return to their traditional ways.McLaughlin wrongly suspected that Sitting Bull was a leader of the Ghost Dance movement. In December 1890, he ordered the arrest of the old chief, believing this might calm the tense situation on the reservation. Unfortunately, during the arrest, a fight broke out and McLaughlin 's policemen killed Sitting Bull. The murder only exacerbated the climate of fear and mistrust, which contributed to the tragic massacre of 146 Indians by U.S. soldiers at Wounded Knee later that month.”( "Indian Agent James McLaughlin Dies.") It is extremely ironic that Sitting bull dedicated his life to protecting his people from the white settlers, but at the end of his life he ended up getting killed by Indian police.

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