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  • The Importance Of Going To School For At Northern Illinois University

     What are you going to school for at Northern Illinois University (NIU)? Master of Arts in Teaching plus ELL endorsement  What year are you in school? (freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior) It’s my 5th semester,  Why did you decide to go to school at NIU? I worked as a teacher in Poland for 12 years. When I immigrated to the U.S., it was obvious to me that I needed to start going to school and obtain a teaching certificate in order to be able to get a “normal” job. The Board of Education gave me a credit for my Bachelor degree, I could also apply for a deficiency letter, and if I did, I wouldn’t have to take all classes which I do now. However, I decided to complete the MAT program, and get a degree from an American university, so there wouldn’t be any doubts concerning my education. I chose NIU because the tuition was cheaper comparing to other universities and the NIU campus is really close to my house.  How much English did you know when you moved…

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  • Future Career Goals Essay

    When looking at my future career path and education, I have clear goals that are driving me towards success. To begin, I’m planning on attending Northern Illinois University in the fall to continue my pursuit in a social work degree. NIU has a program that specializes in family social services which will allow me to follow my passion. As a freshman I started out at Aurora University and was placed on the dean’s list finishing out with a GPA of 3.875. My academics are my top priority, because I…

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  • State Of The Union Speech Analysis

    No matter your stance on President Obama or his administration, many would agree that he can passionately deliver a great speech. With 2016 being the finale of his 8-year term, the upcoming State of the Union address will be the last one of Obama’s presidency. As he prepares to address the country on Tuesday, January 12 at 9 p.m. ET, many Americans from all sides of the political spectrum are preparing to watch the President’s final formal speech online. The word on the White House streets is…

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  • How Did Barack Obama Influence The World

    worked to become the first female vice president of the bank of Hawaii (Robinson). As a child, Mr. Obama, called "Barry" when little (Robinson), attended a catholic elementary school in Indonesia which was controlled by Muslims. Inside, Dunham felt that Barry was not receiving challenging enough education. In an attempt to give her son a better, challenging education, Dunham would give her son extra lessons every morning at around four o 'clock (Robinson). As an extracurricular, Barry 's…

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  • Walt Whitman's Oh Captain ! My Captain

    “Oh Captain! My Captain!” is about a son who is attempting to inform his father about good news, unaware that his father has just passed away in a battle. Walt Whitman, the author of “Oh Captain! My Captain!” laments over the loss of his hero, Abraham Lincoln and viewed him as the greatest president in United States History. Whitman saw a “grand tragedy that promised ultimate purgation and unification for America” in the death of Lincoln (Reynolds). Because of this view on President Lincoln,…

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  • Stem Cell Research Case Presentation

    In this case presentation it focuses on research on stem cells to find possible ways to cure many disease. A group of scientists created a line of stem cells out of human embryos that could be used for genetic engineering research in November 1998. When George W. Bush became president he received immense pressure to ban the funding and research for stem cell research, and it led him to ban the proposed funding for the research. To support his actions Bush argued that the stem cells found by the…

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  • Open And Closed Innovation Case Study

    debate, instead the two paradigms are not mutually exclusive with most, if not all, firms carrying out principles of both. I believe that this is the case with the firm PowerbyPoxi, hence I agree with the statement “PowerbyProxi has adopted both open and closed innovation processes”. This can be demonstrated by analysing the relationship between PowerbyProxi and some of its major stakeholders. It can be argued that in the initial stages of PowerbyProxi saw the adoption of closed innovation…

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  • Dorothea Dix: The Inhumane Treatment Of Mental Illness

    Dorothea Dix was at a young age relatively in charge of keeping house and taking care of her younger siblings due to her mother’s crippling depression and likely other mental illnesses and her father’s abusive achollisim. While her mother likely being her first and most formative experience with mental illness, she was in no way her last. Having always had a fascination with the mentally ill Dorothea took a teaching position at the East Cambridge Women’s prison where she was shocked to see the…

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  • Examples Of Social Location Of Trump

    the others. Donald Trump has been able to gain massive support because people believe he is brutally honest and people have grown tired of the politician who does not keep his/her promises. Although Trump is honest with voters, it is not the only reason for his successes. Although Trump is brashly authentic with citizens, his rise in the political arena can be credited to the candidate’s ability to utilize aspects of social location to identify with his constituents. One facet of social…

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  • Dorothea Dix: A Social Reformer

    Prior to 19th century, mental illness was viewed as a criminal act rather than an involuntary affliction, until one woman’s persistence changed the world’s perception of mental health. Dorothea Dix was an author, teacher, and reformer renowned for her strides in the improvement of treatment for the mentally insane. In her early years, she indulged her passion for learning through a career in teaching and encouraged women to pursue an education. In her later years, the hints of rebellious…

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