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  • Northrop Grumman Case Study

    Virginia Commonwealth State Agency-Northrop Grumman Critical System Outage The commonwealth of Virginia experienced an information technology storage area network outage on August 25th 2010. This affected several agencies and caused 13% of the file servers to fail. The failure mainly impacted the Department of Motor Vehicles and Department of taxation. Because of the outage problem, DMV couldn’t process driver’s licenses and couldn’t share data with other agencies. (1) DMV has been unable to process in-person driver’s licenses or ID cards at its 74 customer service centers. The root cause of the failure was identified as the memory card of the EMC DMX-3 SAN array. Even though the primary cause of the failure was the SAN array, the database…

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  • Northrop Grumman Corporate Strategy

    Northrop Grumman(NG) currently defines their business industry as “global security”. They have been through many iterations within the defense contracting industry and recently recognize the overlap in all these iterations by merging Information and Electronics Sectors into “Mission Systems”. The company’s organizational profile demonstrates a progressive, forward thinking, industry leading company. Wes Bush is the company CEO and his skill and understanding of the business come from having…

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  • Characteristics Of Symbolism In William Blake's The Tyger

    Wondrous but Fearful Tyger William Blake’s “The Tyger” in Songs of Experience, written in 1794, describes the Tyger as “fearful” while appreciating its beauty. During this time, Blake was one of the first people to see a tiger; this inspired him to write “The Tyger” and paint the creature as a majestic but fierce being. Although the origins of the Tyger are questioned, the creator is referred to as “he” implying a male divine creator. While examining who or what created the Tyger, in addition…

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  • Poem Analysis: Neutral Tones By Thomas Hardy

    Neutral Tones Analysis The poem ‘Neutral Tones’ by Thomas Hardy is a dark, solemn poem, reflecting on the termination of a relationship that he had in the late 1860s. It has a very melancholic note and in the duration of the poem, he shows the sadness and emotions in the narrator. The poem was published in 1898, however at the bottom of the poem he marked it as being written in 1867, perhaps he did not want it to be published then, before he met Eliza Nickels. It has a rhyme pattern of ABBA as…

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  • Unmanned Aerial Airplanes Research Paper

    that might be lurking around the corner. In 2011, the Tōhoku Earthquake and the subsequent tsunami left northeastern Japan in chaos causing significant damage to the Fukushima Nuclear Reactor leading to the release of highly radioactive plutonium, a disaster reminiscent of 1980s Chernobyl. Unmanned aerial vehicles manufactured by Northrup Grumman and Honeywell were used to gather vital information about the damaged nuclear plant and disaster-stricken areas of the Tōhoku region as humans couldn…

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  • Special Influence In American Politics

    With so much money floating around Washington, D.C. many individuals are left wondering where Congressmen and Congresswomen receive their vast amounts of monetary gain. This mystery ultimately leads to distrust and doubt amongst the people. According to CNN, big spenders pour ridiculous amounts of money into lobbying, the top ten lobbying companies of 2009 include: “General Electric (GE): $134 million, AT&T: (T, Tech30) $91.2 million, Boeing Co (BA): $90.3 million, Northrop Grumman (NOC): $87.9…

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  • Logistics Information In The Army: The Global Combat Support System-Army

    The program’s emphasis is on logistics, strategic applications, supplies, and materials. The users of GCSS-Army systems are normally logistics soldiers tasked to support Army maneuver units, Department of Logistics organizations providing installation support and maintenance support activities National Maintenance Program. The Global Combat Support System-Army (GCSS-Army) Program located in at Ft. Lee, VA, has been established by PEO-EIS PM-GCSS-A and our engineering partner, Northrup Grumman,…

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  • Information Security Analysis Paper

    Current Positions In continuation, jobs found in the three areas of job identifications were: Government: Department of Treasury in Washington D.C. as an Information Technology Specialist and requires a top secret clearance. Additionally, provide project management, coordination and oversight on a variety of cybersecurity initiatives and consults with other IT specialists. Also, with the job as an IT specialist with the federal government brings on a large amount of benefits. For example, life…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Interest In Airplanes

    underneath all of the options. However, in this same search, I found countless free printable plans for constructing an airplane out of foam core board without a kit. I selected a particular delta wing airplane design that required two sheets of foam, costing a total of $2 for the entire body of the plane. For two and a half months, I meticulously worked on building the plane and installing the electronics. The body of the plane was held together with nothing but packing tape and hot glue, but…

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  • Architect Personal Statement Essay

    the Linux Operating System and was able to secure an internship with Akolag Tech. During my time there, I acquired useful amount of experience configuring hardware, installing softwares, and applying security patches. Not only has Linux been helpful in understanding the interaction between a computer hardware and its Operating System, it also encouraged my interest networking and security. I became accustomed to scheduling Cron jobs to execute automatically with logging capabilities, requiring…

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