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  • The Pacific Northwest Lng Project Environmental Assessment

    Question 1 The Pacific Northwest LNG Project Environmental Assessment Report shows a lot of flaws in public participation. However, the project can only be expected to achieve ‘reasonable’ levels of public participation. Therefore, the public participation of this project, though inadequate compared to the principles of public participation, was reluctantly acceptable. The principles of public participation require public consultation throughout every stage of the environmental assessment (EA). They also require the use of every opinion in the betterment of the project(2). However, the PNW LNG project did not consult aboriginal groups or the public during parts of the EA. Though, this is not solely due to the proponent’s lack of enthusiasm…

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  • Pacific Northwest Salmon

    The Dam Problem with the Decline of Pacific Northwest Salmon For generations upon generations, native Salmon have played a crucial part in the culture of the Pacific Northwest. Native American culture has been influenced and built around salmon. Today, salmon populations are at an all-time low and populations are still plummeting. Many subspecies have gone extinct. Throughout the next several pages, I am going to explore what salmon are, how they have been used, what led to their decline, what…

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  • North By Northwest Analysis

    The movie North by Northwest follows the story of a man who is mistaken for the wrong identity, Roger Thornhill is mistaken for George Kaplan, and is chased to Mount Rushmore because Philip Vandamm want him dead. During the movie there is scene where the cops are in grand central station looking for Thornhill. The audience gets to see how the other people react to everything going on around then. From the audience’s point of view, you can see everyone walking in grand central station, minding…

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  • Northwest Passage Essay

    Throughout history, the search for the Northwest Passage brought many explorers to the Canadian Arctic. The English seaman, Martin Frobisher, was the first explorer to make this journey. In 1576, he arrived on Baffin Island, part of the modern day territory of Nunavut. After arriving in the arctic, he made contact with a group of Inuit. Due to their isolation, this is one of the first contacts the Inuit had made with outsiders. Of course, as word of the Northwest Passage spread, a large number…

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  • Oral Health Business Plan

    I. Purpose The purpose of this request is to seek financial support in the amount of $25,000 dollars, for the 12- month oral health and nutrition connection awareness campaign in Northwest District of Columbia entitled “Meals and Mouths.” The Meals and Mouths awareness campaign would fill the void that exists between knowledge of what is nutritious for an individual’s overall health and what is beneficial for superb oral health. This will enable thousands of the 348,000 plus inhabitants –both…

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  • Masks In Native American Culture

    However, Europeans also brought diseases to the tribes of the northwest which decimated the population. As natives were converted to Christianity, less importance was given to traditional ceremonies. Native tribal culture has disappeared almost totally. However, contemporary artists of Northwest Native American origin have continued the ancient craft of mask making and in turn introduced a new art form. These artists combine traditional techniques and traditional forms with contemporary…

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  • Pacific Northwest Landscape Analysis

    Over the course of the 20th century the Pacific Northwest was largely shaped by events that occurred in both the national and international level. In the past the Pacific Northwest was a hinterland and therefore its economy was effected directly by events that occurred outside of the region. This trend continued during the 20th century as well; although the region was not a hinterland any more, it continued to grow and change based on events occurring outside of the region, whether it is global…

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  • Labor Relations In The Pacific Northwest

    The history labor relations in the Pacific Northwest is long and complex story. From a regional scale to the national state, the topic of labor in the northwest has consistently changed due to influences from external events and internal unrest intertwined with racial relations and social inequalities. The significance of the history of labor relations is the influence it had on the course of history for the region and played an important role in shaping the current state and quality of…

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  • Pacific Northwest Racial Relations

    Racial relations in the Pacific Northwest took a turn for the worst starting in the middle of the 19th century and were shaped drastically during the events leading up to both World Wars and the years that followed them. Both Asian and Black populations found themselves in the face of racial suppression stemming from the events that occurred during the World Wars. The Pacific Northwest as far as the rest of the United States had been a place, which had generally held better racial relations.…

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  • Northwest Native American Culture

    The Northwest Native American Culture Region adapted the best to their unique climate and environment by using their resources such as their food sources, housing and tools. These where extremely important to the people because they where items that let them live day to day in premature settlement. This is show easily as it was the longest Region stretching across the entire coastline. Each of these they made/used for different purposes. All of this was vary good to expand as a region/culture.…

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