North By Northwest Analysis

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Scientists have been interested in the difference of people’s sensation, perception, and perspective since the beginning of the 18th century. Philosopher Gustav Fechner developed an approach to study sensation and perception, called psychophysics. Psychophysics was measured by the strength of the stimulus and the observer’s sensitivity to the stimulus. Although people might be exposed to the same stimuli, they sense and perceive differently which changes their perspective. If two people are looking at the same blue car driving ninety miles per hour, one might pay more attention to the car and one might pay more attention to the color. Also one might state that the color of the car was ugly and one might state that it was nice. This paper will …show more content…
The movie North by Northwest follows the story of a man who is mistaken for the wrong identity, Roger Thornhill is mistaken for George Kaplan, and is chased to Mount Rushmore because Philip Vandamm want him dead. During the movie there is scene where the cops are in grand central station looking for Thornhill. The audience gets to see how the other people react to everything going on around then. From the audience’s point of view, you can see everyone walking in grand central station, minding their own business, while the cops are on a search for Rodger Thornhill. It gives the views a sense of curiosity because the suspense given off by the cops and Thornhill. The police men are walking around looking for Rodger Thornhill who is also in grand central station. Then we see Thornhill attempt to buy a ticket at the ticket both, but then ticket seller realizes this is the guy the cops are looking for, so Thornhill makes a run for it toward the …show more content…
This all can be related to movies, books, pictures and everyday life. I think that Diane Arbus used her creativity to capture photographs of people throughout New York city, and if she never did then people today wouldn’t be able to see what unique things happened many years ago. I also think that the movie North by Northwest requires you to think appose to use watch. While watching the scene you need to pay attention to facial expression and body language because those two aspects are major to know what the character feels and how the director want you to feel. While the actor is acting he has to connect with the character is playing to be able to act and respond as the character would. I think sensation and perception mainly are based around the person and how they view things. Not everyone is going to see the movie North by Northwest and Diane Arbus’s exhibition in the same

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