Christian Lorentzen's 'Is Story That Makes Us Read?'

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The article “Is is Story that Makes Us Read?” by Christian Lorentzen explains why we only get thin traces of plot after finishing even one of the most memorable of stories. Lorentzen explains at the beginning of his article that if you recite a plot backwards you might discover that you will only receive a little about the plot. This is because when we close the book we are left with a head full of images, lines, and emotions not necessarily the plot of the story. Although some may say that reciting the plot is quite easy, myself included, they mistaken the summary of the story for the plot. Giving the main points of the story but miss main points throughout the story.

Even while reading a novel or watching a film it can be hard to grasp
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The set of fictional events related within or implied by the work is the fabula and the manner in which the fictional information of the fabula is conveyed to the reader is the syuzhet. These two together make up the plot. The fabula is used to fill in backstories, portray familiar events from other perspectives, and see characters on to further escapades. Movie-franchises and television spinoffs operate within shared fabula and great care is taken to not violate the illusion of a consistent fictional world. Theorists of plot think if the plot is the arrangement of incident then each incident is also a plot in …show more content…
Letting them know that we do not remember the whole plot of the story but just the main points like the summary. He is helping the readers to understand the difference of giving someone the summary of the book or the plot that the story follows. I agree with what Lorentzen purposes although I did disagree with him at first. I tend to remember everything from tv shows and even movies, every little detail, even after watching it once. I have found that after a while I tend to forget important details that happened while talking to someone about the show. I will take what Lorentzen has given us and I will pay more mined to the plot of the story when reading or

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