Personal Narrative: The Murder Of Gunther

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In order to execute Gunther, we must take the teleporting machine to Gunther’s territory using the secret password that my dad knows because he was part of TNE. Once we arrive at TNE’s territory we start walking towards Gunther’s secret home. Within a few seconds of walking through the muggy jungle we hear sounds. My father grabs my hands and we both jump behind a bush together. Then I hear the roar of an engine coming towards us. My father puts his finger up to his lips to remind me to remain silent. Soon the engine becomes louder. My heartbeat starts to race and sweat starts dripping down my face. The sound of the engine ceases as the vehicle comes to a complete stop in front of our hiding place.
I close my eyes and a hand grabs my arm
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Mark follows me like a puppy dog. I quickly type in the address to the jail for prisoners of war. When I enter the jail, I hurry to the front desk and explain to them what happened. The desk clerk refuses to believe me, so I convince her to follow me to the scene where I murdered Gunther. When we arrive at the scene a group of policemen are standing at the scene. When the policemen see me, they aim their guns towards me. Both Mark and I hold up our hands. The desk clerk explains to the policemen that both Mark and I are innocent. The policemen put down their guns and ask what I want from them, so I explain that I want my father released from jail. The policemen agree to release my father out of …show more content…
When we arrive, a police officer tells me to go to the stage. I follow the police officers lead without arguing. Once the whole town gathers together the young woman who was the clerk at the police station walks onto the stage. The woman introduces herself as Kendra then goes on to talk about what happened yesterday. Kendra concludes by saying, “Killian attempted to kill Gunther, but Gunther survived with severe injuries. Today we will reward Killian with the opportunity to kill Gunther in front of everyone with the weapon of his choice.” A smile spreads across my face as I realize Gunther gets to suffer even longer.
When Kendra shows me the weapons I refuse to use the weapons and decide to use my powers to kill him. I now know how to control my powers. Before I burn Gunther I shout, “How does it feel to be killed by a sixteen-year old?” Within a few seconds flames surround Gunther. The flames burn Gunther until there is nothing but ash. Everyone starts to cheer and shout, ”Killian shall be the leader of the world’s

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