Creative Writing: The Assassination House

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I walked up to the entrance of the evacuated home. The house could have been an enchanting two-story house; with its ivory framed windows, and front lawn. If it was not abandoned and lifeless, maybe this house would have been the dream house everyone fancied. But it's lifeless and boorish, just like the carrion of Timothy Woodsen. His body was no longer there, but the evidence was. A Butcher knife lied hairbreadth an office chair. “This is where the dispatching transpired,” stated my best friend and detective partner, Nate. “Look, Nate,” I said as beckoned for him to come inspect at what I inspected on the desk. It was a Post-it. “Let’s play hide and seek. I shall hide, you seek” I read out loud. I looked at Nate. “Well, we know that the assassin is alive. Who knows who they could be, ” he remarked mindlessly. “Well, captain obvious, who you envision our culprits are?” I questioned. …show more content…
They all testified he had a vile relationship with his parents and siblings, so I am contemplating it's the dad” Nate said as we were strolling out of the abandoned house. ” “Where are we leaving to I questioned Nate as we were in the vehicle, “We’re headed to his parent’s residence to interrogate his family” Nate said. I reached for the radio 'The president has made a new law, mandating government officials to wear their badges on a lanyard. anomalous, huh? I wonder what Mrs.Spark’s scheme is. Could this have anything to do with the recent slaughters? She wants the populace around the dispatches to recognize who to report immediately if they witness them on the street” the reporter continued Now, the weather! The temperature for

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