Future Career Goals Essay

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When looking at my future career path and education, I have clear goals that are driving me towards success. To begin, I’m planning on attending Northern Illinois University in the fall to continue my pursuit in a social work degree. NIU has a program that specializes in family social services which will allow me to follow my passion. As a freshman I started out at Aurora University and was placed on the dean’s list finishing out with a GPA of 3.875. My academics are my top priority, because I believe working hard in school represents your work ethics for the future. Another honor I recently received was being accepted into the honors program at Northern. This accomplishment will allow me to have various opportunities that most students do …show more content…
From birth I was raised with the understanding that humans are entitled to nothing in this life, and everything we do enjoy is a privilege. Before I was born my father was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and shortly after I was born he lost both his mobility and his vision. Because of this disability he was forced to quit his job, and my mother had to become the full time supporter of our family. Due to my mother always working in order to supply our household, I shared the responsibility of taking care of my father. Growing up in this situation, I was never shown a different lifestyle; therefore my passion to care for others continuously grew all throughout my life. This way of living taught me numerous qualities over the course of my childhood. In addition to finding my passion for serving others, I also gained the value of appreciation. Medical bills are a hardship on homes with two working members, so handling that in a one income household made our budget tighter than most families. Because of this setback I learned to appreciate the small things we did have, and to take responsibility for my own expenses. This being said I have taken it upon myself to care for the cost of my education. I believe that my family’s resources should be used in order to benefit my father, which means they should not have to take on the burden of covering my cost of education. By taking on this responsibility I am enhancing my organization, time management, and budgeting skills all while focusing on the future of my

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