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  • Northern Territory Intervention Case Study

    Government Policies The government policies of the Northern Intervention consist of 4 major bills: the northern territory national emergency response bill, social security amendment, families, community, services, and other legislation amendment, and the appropriation bill of 2007. The legislation of the intervention presented many policies involving indigenous life. The legislation introduced alcohol restrictions for aboriginals as well as welfare reforms to end the flow of money towards substance abuse. Instead, the money was pushed towards child welfare. The intervention enforced school attendance among children on all aboriginal land by linking their attendance with the family’s income support. Children were brought in for compulsory…

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  • From Little Things Grow Poem Analysis

    From Little Things Big Things Grow The song “From Little Things Big Things Grow” is a song written and released in 1991 by Paul Kelly and is a song about the protest from the Gurindji people and Vincent Lingiari during their argument about land rights at Wave Hill station in August 1966. The Gurindji strike at Wave Hill station was an revolutionary incident that occurred in August of 1966 at Wave Hill station in the Northern Territory. On the eponymous date in 1966, Vincent Lingiari, a…

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  • Tjapaltjarri And Emily Kngwarreye: A Comparative Analysis

    There are numerous comparisons, similarities and differences to be noted between Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri and Emily Kame Kngwarreye none more than their art work. Both being from the central desert region of the Northern Territory, Australia and the Anmatyerre language group both Clifford and Emily share simular life experiences, beliefs of the dreaming, geography and views of their country. Both artists produced their work in a matching time and place with simular preferred mediums and both…

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  • Conjoint Therapy

    Domestic violence mitigation programme for Indigenous community To build a domestic violence free Territory, Northern Territory government developed a domestic and family violence reduction strategy “to increase the safety of victims and their children, reduce rates of intergenerational trauma caused by exposure to domestic and family violence, increase accountability of perpetrators and establish integrated service delivery systems that are sustainable and adaptable” (Nothern Territory…

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  • Social Media Influence On Indigenous Australians

    a harder time connecting with other communities and people outside of their local area. Social media and internet access has become an important development for connecting the people in remote places, all over the globe (Virtanen 2015). When it comes to Indigenous Australians, there are people both for and against the use of social media. With the internet comes international connections, and a way for other Indigenous peoples around the world to connect with each other, especially those who…

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  • Australia Film Analysis

    Good morning/afternoon, ladies and gentlemen of the Australian Film festival selection panel for 2016, I present to you an amazing and accurate representation of Australian culture and community, the film directed by Baz Luhrmann, Australia. The film Australia was set in 1939, Lady Sarah Ashley played by Nicole Kidman travels from Britain to Australia to meet her husband Maitland Ashley played by Anton Monsted in northern Australia as the business is failing at Faraway Downs Farm. Maitland…

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  • Aboriginal Youth Disadvantages

    Indigenous Australian Youth Introduction (100 words) Although the ongoing efforts to close the inequality gap between Indigenous Australians and non-Indigenous Australians, statistics show that Indigenous Australian youth still face significant disadvantages. This report will discuss the disadvantages Indigenous youth face in education and the criminal justice system by using up-to-date statistics to illustrate this. Additionally, this report will link these disadvantages with unit concepts to…

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  • Essay On Buffleheads

    Saskatchewan, and the sub-arctic deltas including the Athabasca and Slave River parklands" (Gauthier, G. 1993). A few breeding grounds can be found locate in the northern parts of the United States. Their general populations spend most of their migration and winter time on two opposite sides of the U.S, the west coast and the east coast congregating in protected bays and estuaries. Unlike many ducks, buffleheads are one of a few species that remain monogamous. And return to the same nesting…

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  • The Importance Of Social Norms In Public Places

    personal territories formulated by social norms and other verbal and nonverbal notifications sent by others. The term “public,” specifically means areas where individuals have freedom of access, but not necessarily of action (Guerrero, DeVito & Hecht, 1999). In this paper, I will describe my observations of how various people established their personal territories in five different places: the library, the elevator, the café, the concert, and the children’s playing room. People are able to take…

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  • True Alpha Essay Examples

    Badass U Articles Summary True Alpha? True Alpha The word “alpha” has become very popular in the last decade or so when describing human social dynamics. But the definition of the term isn’t so clear. Most define it as being the leader of men (or women). Or, as some insecure douchebag who is excessively aggressive. And with the first definition, interestingly, people will look at wolves and gorillas to give examples of alphas in the wild. But there really are no alpha males there. Scientists…

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