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  • The Influence Of The American Flag Protest

    On April 17, 2015, a protest group, which included Eric Sheppard, walked on the American Flag in the front of Odum Library at Valdosta State University. This was in an effort to protest racism in our country. Shortly after, a local veteran, Michelle Manhart, was detained for taking the flag from the protest group in what was her attempt to be able to dispose of the ripped flag properly. She was not charged but was banned from VSU in the future (ValdostaDailyTimes). I could not believe what I was…

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  • Special Gifts In Roanoke Island Literas

    In a post apocalyptic world where modern medicine and technology is barely used, and most of the population has died because of a plague spread by rats. People must thrive and live on the land, and people must work together in harmony to survive. On the island Hatteras, which is connected to the island Roanoke by a bridge lives a tribe of 14 people. Everyone on the island has special gifts, and because of these gifts they’re known as elemetals. Elementals are people who were born with the…

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  • Changing Nation Essay

    The changing nation of the U.S. reflects a growing sense of national pride and identity in many ways. After the war of 1812, in the U.S. everyone is high on nationalism because of the defeat of the British. During James Monroe’s presidency, called The era of good feelings, is where everyone is high on nationalism and The government makes questionable decisions because everyone has too much nationalism they don't want to go against what the government is saying. Andrew Jackson knows the…

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  • Corridor Of Shame Analysis

    hallway! Everyone is running around asking for help, blaming each other and nothing still get done about the problem! Sounds like a bad sci-fi movie but this was the reality of the South Carolina school system documented in a film called, “Corridor of Shame.” The film is about rural area schools along 1-95 in South Carolina in 2005 but looks like schools on a slave planation. The film highlights overworked and grossly underpaid teachers and administrators as well as the plight of the children…

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  • American Civil War: The Lost Cause And Confederate Nationalism

    The American Civil War was fought to meet the pending succession of the eleven states that made up the Confederate States of America. The root causes of differences between the Confederacy and the Union were slavery and sectionalism. Sectionalism refers to playing the needs of one section of the nation over the nation as a whole. In addition to these differences geographical and economic development led to the sense of the nation as divided. The South saw their fighting as “rebuilding the…

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  • Essay On The Differences Between North And South

    culture shock. Especially if you move here after spending twenty years up north. Being in the north is everything is fast paced no one talks to each other unless you know them. We are fiercely protective of our own. We have a great love for pro sport teams. The south is vastly different. People talk to everyone. Not too many people who live here are from here. College teams rain supreme. The differences between the south and the north are vast. In Boston people are constantly moving and…

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  • South Carolina Geography

    South Carolina South Carolina, also known as the Palmetto State, has a history that dates back to the beginning of the country. Its large cities, universities, mountains, and beaches bring visitors every year. Many important people have influenced the state, and even the country. South Carolina is an important state to this nation. South Carolina was one of the original thirteen colonies, yet its history dates back to 1633. Royal nobles were sent by King Charles I to explore and settle the…

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  • Research Paper On Table Mountain

    Those that have lived in Butte County or even visited on occasion are bound to be familiar with a beautiful plateau known as Table Mountain. During particular times of the year visitors to this vast mountain can view many breath-taking sights. These sights are what bring people back year after year to enjoy many outdoor adventures. If you live in Butte County, it is a short drive to this ecologically diverse setting. Table Mountain is made up of a north and south mountain. They are basaltic…

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  • Woodside Community Analysis

    As stated previously there were several problems that community of Woodside face. Due to the lack of employment opportunities in Woodside, many residents work in factories outside of the area and several young adults dropped out of school to gain employment to assist with their family’s needs. The lack of education limits the job opportunity available. The recent unemployment rate in 2014 is 6.8 % a slight increase in Hampstead from 6.3% in 2013 (Hampstead, NC Livability., n.d.). However, there…

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  • The Secret Life Of Bees Setting Analysis

    In the novel The Secret Life of Bees, the setting changes. In beginning of the novel, the story is set in Sylvan, South Carolina. Then Lily escapes to Tiburon, South Carolina. It is originally set at the Owens peach farm, in Sylvan, South Carolina. Until Lily runs away, and the setting changes to August’s house in Tiburon. The novel takes place in the late 1960s starting in 1964. The main character of this novel is Lily Owens. She is a 14 year old girl, who lives with her father on a…

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