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  • Andrew Jackson: A Bad President

    Some of his decisions made him successful in his life as a politician but many believe that some of his other choices made him a terrible President which people consider him to be a failure. Andrew Jackson was born on March 15th, 1767 in South Carolina. One notable event in Andrew Jackson's life was when he was captured at the age of 13 by the British and was imprisoned.…

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  • Research Paper On Hernando De Soto

    stopped, however, by Vitachuco, the ruler of the area. Vitachuco sinisterly led Hernando de Soto and his men into a trap. He planned to kill them off, but because of the European’s horses and advanced weaponry, de Soto emerged victorious. Heading north, they wintered in the town of Apalachee (Tallahassee). When the winter ended in March 1540, the troops continued northward. They reached central Mississippi in December of 1540, where they wintered again. Upon the arrival of spring, they…

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  • Descriptive Essay: The City Of Asheville

    In The United States alone, there are 19,505 cities, towns, and villages. However, one out of this gargantuan amount of locations is the best. This city, with a population of around 83,000, has art all around the city. Almost everywhere you look, there is some form of art. Also, the nature here prospers and thrives. The beautiful mountains are nature’s form of art, and there are many places where no one is even allowed to disturb the natural beauty. Finally, is something that every human being…

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  • Invisible Monsters By Chuck Palahniuk: An Analysis

    surroundings, and charter school education, I would not be a health conscience, science driven, and degree-seeking student. I come from a family that places little value on education and has always struggled monetarily. My father, who grew up in rural North Carolina, was one of the first people in his family to graduate from high school, and is the only one to have attained a college degree. He recently shared with my sister and I that when he went to college, he didn’t have any aspirations; he…

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  • Swansboro Essay

    In the 1730s, a quaint town was settled on the coast of North Carolina bordering both the White Oak River and Atlantic Ocean. Today, this town boasts a rich history and the title "Friendly City by the Sea." Swansboro, North Carolina has grown and prospered in the 200 years since its official establishment in 1783. It has been threatened by the Civil War, pirates, and the Great Depression but persevered by having flexible industries and promoting growth. The history of Swansboro has been greatly…

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  • Diversity In A Diverse Workplace

    When enveloped in personal culture and ethnicity, it can be difficult for one to recognize the characteristics that it has. Often, it is not until one steps back from their own experiences and viewpoint and considers their life in retrospect that the events come to the surface. This truth is applicable when discussing the experience of a Caucasian female in the United States. Although white women experience the pressure of gender roles, they are rarely challenged by their race in a way that…

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  • Wayne Durrill Case

    tells of how four freedmen by the names of Jim and Lewis Coppedge who are brothers, Ned Myers who is Coppedge’s step-father, and George Chambers kill James W. Redfearn. Redfearn is the owner of a general store called Whites Store in Anson County North Carolina. It is believed that the freedmen committed crime because the KKK was coming to the store. Testimony was used to convict Lewis and Ned of Murder. This same testimony was used to convict Jim as well, but at a later time. Details that…

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  • I Want To Be Anesthesiologist Essay

    I was born in the wrong century; a combination of an imperfect school education and broad parents produced a curious child who dreamed of many different occupations. Growing up in Fayetteville, North Carolina, I’ve seen interests and talents splattered across the entire state. There were Spring Lake Middle School sport coaches who researched different exercises for training players, cross country runners who dabbled in cancer research, and many more occupations. Thus, these people influenced my…

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  • How Did Roy Cooper Improve North Carolina

    Governor of North Carolina, and he's well qualified for the role. Cooper has been North Carolina's Attorney General, since 2001. In this role Roy Cooper has facilitated the process of bringing justice to North Carolinians. Before being elected as North Carolina's General Attorney, Roy Cooper was one of North Carolina's voices in the Senate. Prior to being the General Attorney and a Senator, Roy Cooper served in the House of Representatives, placed there by the good people of North Carolina. Roy…

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  • TASS Program Observation Report

    myself. Additionally, since the program brings in students from across the nation, it is also an experience to meet new people and learn more about the experiences of Blacks and minorities from diverse backgrounds. As an African-American male from North Carolina, I think I can provide an adequate representation of the experiences across the state. I have extensive experience with…

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