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  • The American Flag Informative Speech

    The American flag is seen as one of the largest icons of America still to this day. The American flag we see today consists of thirteen stripes and fifty stars, and it was created in 1777 on June fourteenth. In this version, the thirteen stripes represent the thirteen colonies and the stars represent the fifty states. The colors on the flag also have their own meanings; white stands for innocence, red stands for valor, and blue stands for perseverance. The flag was created by the Continental…

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  • How Did The Revolutionary War Affect The Economy

    and brought over in ships to North America (The 13 Colonies later known as North America). They were auctioned off to colonists and made to perform manual labor without any source of pay. Slavery was legal in the 13 colonies, but it became more prominent in the southern colonies. The slaves would worked in fields of huge plantations. They usually had only one or two enslaved workers, or none at all. Some people called for the abolition of slavery. States in the North…

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  • John Hope Franklin Research Paper

    Americans. But Franklin, at the time was engaged in research on the South’s militant culture and thus rejected the request. However, Franklin was later convinced to write the book after the repeated requests by the editor who even visited him once in North Carolina. The book, From Slavery to Freedom: A History of Negro Americans, now in its ninth printing has sold more than three million copies worldwide since its appearing in 1947, and has been translated into multiple languages, including…

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  • HCV Case Study

    Even fewer states have Good Samaritan laws that protect IDUs by allowing those with drug paraphernalia to return it to the police without any consequence or contain exceptions that protect those that operate SSPs, currently only Maryland and North Carolina have laws like that. It is necessary that future endeavors address the legal barriers against SSPs and IDUs in general. And with that in mind each of these states is taking measures to either engage legal actors or subvert the law. In…

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  • Importance Of Segregation In The Civil Rights Movement

    Racial Segregation was a huge problem in the south during the 1960’s. African Americans were treated very differently then White Americans. Blacks and Whites had to be segregated in public bathrooms, public places, public transportations, public restrooms, and public restaurants. It was a very hard time for African Americans because they couldn’t get jobs and they weren’t treated right. A lot of times they were met with violence even though they were doing non-violent acts. On February 1st,…

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  • How Did Andrew Jackson Contribute To Government

    2016 Andrew Jackson Born on March 15, 1767, Andrew Jackson was elected as the seventh president of the United States of America in the presidential election of 1828. He was born near the colonial areas or Waxhaws region between the South Carolina and North Carolina. He was the earliest founder of the major dominant party of the United States of America I.e. Democratic Party. Most of the times in his life, he supported for liberty among individuals and formulated new policies regarding the…

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  • Patriotism By Maya Angelou Analysis

    The story of America is a brutal mess. From leaving the home country of Great Britain to moving and creating a whole new life in the newly discovered world. This country has changed from the beginning of the original thirteen colonies, but some see it as the same. Patriotism. A weird word to say, for me at least, about the brutal country. People use the word patriotism as an excuse to be crazy. A patriot is someone who takes pride in the nation they call the United States of America.…

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  • What I Learned How To Accept My Future

    or two when I first got to the state. When I visited I had felt like I was at home. They took me to Manitou Springs, I met people that understood my circumstances and welcomed me. Being, a transgender man I never really felt safe, especially in North Carolina. I was always afraid of being found out about and when I got to Colorado I was welcomed for being myself. My adoptive parents helped me come out of my shell to make this…

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  • Folk Medicine Impact On Modern Medicine

    Folk Medicine and the Impact on Modern Medicine Recently, studies of folklore continue being an interesting topic for many scholars. Examples of Folklore include songs, art, stories, myths and medicine. Medicine being one of the most important, since the importance of keeping a cultural based is essential to many Native Americans, who continue being impacted with today’s medical era. Today, modern medicine has been the hope for many ill patients. People have more access to different types of…

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  • STEM Jobs

    In hopes of increasing the amount of women in STEM, North Carolina has implemented STEM programs focused on young girls such as DigiGirlz High Tech Camp, Microsoft Charlotte, Society of Women Engineers Charlotte-Metrolina, and Belmont Abbey-North Belmont Girls in Science; all of which allow girls in various parts of North Carolina. These programs create opportunities that expose girls to the various fields of STEM thereby of sparking their…

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