The Role Of Homelessness In The Community

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There are a lot of homeless people in our society today; there are all kind of races and ethics. Many of them are veterans that come home from war and lost everything that they had. Some communities try and help the homeless as much as they can but you never know who is actually homeless or not. Every exit that you get off at there will most likely be someone sitting there with a sign homeless anything helps. You want to give something to them but then you think do they really need it. The homeless people started out like everyone else had whatever they needed to survive and then lost it all. Most of our communities do not do anything about the homeless they just push it aside and keep on going about their business. So the big question is, is the way that the homeless are …show more content…
He ended up losing his house, his kids, everything that he had. He ended up having nothing and know one to help him and that’s how he ended up where he is today, so don’t ever judge a book by its cover. There are lots of ways you can help the homeless in your community just make sure it is not illegal first. Here are the top four ways to help volunteer, respect, give, and pray. When you volunteer you can learn how to make a positive impact in some one’s life. It teaches you how to be tactful and helps you get “on-the-job training”. There are many places throughout the country that you can volunteer at from soup kitchens to homeless shelters everyone needs help and a friendly face. Being respectful is a great thing too. No one wants to see someone with an attitude giving them their meals or clothes. Everyone likes to see a happy face and you never know whose life you will impact with just a friendly smile. Spend time with the homeless don’t just go in there and do what you have to do and leave. Go in and talk to the people ask them what kind of a day are they having, if there is anything that they would like to talk about or is there anything that you can help with. Also you can give to the

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