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  • Non-Competition Vs. Public Health: Case Study

    If the court did find that Bodyworks had a legitimate business interest, the next element that must be met is that the non-compete is not oppressive to the employee or the public health. Petrozza, 373 S.E.2d at 453. A non-compete is oppressive to the employee when it violates the time and territory element. Id. Since the time and territory of the non-compete is reasonable in the present case, the court will find that it is not oppressive to the employee. On the other hand, the court will…

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  • Stephen Alexander Laroque: Intermediary Replending Program

    Stephen Alexander LaRoque, was born in Kinston, NC on August, 1963. After earning an MBA from East Carolina University in 1993, he founded two nonprofits, the East Carolina Development Company in 1997 and the Piedmont Development Company in 2004. The nonprofits acted as a transit point for loans from a U.S. Department of Agriculture lending program aimed at alleviating poverty and spurring economic growth in low-income, rural areas nationwide. Known as the Intermediary Relending Program, it…

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  • Causes Of Tuscarora And Yamasee War Both wars played an important role in the American history, the rivalry between white settlers and Indians. After the Indians were defeated, they migrated to other places which the Tuscarora migrated north to New York where they joined their Iroquoian cousins, the Five Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy. They were accepted as the sixth nation. And the Yamasees went to Florida, joining runaway black slaves and other Indians to form what…

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  • Swot Analysis Of Charlotte City

    Location- Charlotte, North Carolina Description of Area- The Charlotte Metropolitan area ranks 22nd largest in the US. Charlotte, North Carolina 's largest city and the seat of Mecklenburg County, is located in the southern part of the state near the South Carolina border. Charlotte is also home of the NFL Carolina Panthers, and the NBA Charlotte Hornets which play at the Bank of America Stadium and the Time Warner Cable Arena. Along with hundreds of restaurants and attraction throughout the…

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  • Maya Angelou Analysis

    Angelou, Maya. Interview by Oprah Winfrey. OWN. N.d. Television. Maya Angelou was a full time professor at Wake Forest University, a bestselling author of many books, and was given the Presidential Medal of Freedom. She talks about how to stand up to racism with courage. She explains that it takes time and practice to gain courage. She strongly believes pejorative language is inacceptable and should not be tolerated because of the power of words. This is from an interview with Oprah Winfrey and…

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  • Social Media Advertisement Analysis: Cook Out

    Cook Out is an American chain of fast food restaurants centralized in the southern states. Cook Out was founded in 1986 by Morris Reaves in Greensboro North Carolina. Since then the chain has surged in popularity, with over 100 locations in North Carolina and many out of state as well, from Mississippi to Maryland. Cook Out is themed on “outdoors style” cooking as its name and moniker suggest. This is not limited to burgers, hotdogs, chicken sandwiches, and other tailgate and southern favorites.…

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  • Essay On Leadership And Guidance

    Leadership and guidance is the building blocks of all major organizations that are still surviving today. The United States Navy, being one of those incredible organizations that are still building and guiding leaders, is still the most dominant service that this country has to offer. It is the Navy’s strong imprint on my life and strong leadership qualities that propels me towards joining. Throughout my years of life I have intuitively been called and seen as a leader. Through my years of high…

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  • Wrongful Conviction Case Study

    Wrongful Conviction On the morning of August 10, 1984, Deborah Sykes was brutally stabbed, sexually assaulted, and eventually killed in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The man convicted for her murder was Darryl Hunt, a 19 year old boy that would go on to spend 20 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. Hunt was convicted based on eye-witness testimony and informants, but was later exonerated based on DNA evidence that matched a man that was caught just a few months after the murder took…

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  • The Senate And House Of Representatives

    Our Congress consists of the Senate and House of Representatives. Every state has two Senators and as many House of Representatives as there are for the amount of people in them. For the state of North Carolina our two Senators are Richard Burr and Thom Tillis. The House of Representative that we have may vary because of the different districts, the one that I have is Craig Horn. Craig Horn has been in the House since 2011 and is up for reelection in 2016. Prior to getting elected for the House…

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  • The Characteristics Of A Strong Black Woman

    Harriet Jacobs was bron into slavery in 1813 near Edenton, North Carolina. But she never knew she was a slave until she was six years old which coincidentally was around the same times her mother died. Margaret Horniblow, who was Jacobs 's mistress, took her in and cared for her, teaching her to write, read, and sew. When the mistress died, Jacobs was willed to Horniblow 's niece. Her new mistress 's father, Dr. James Noecom, also, known as Dr. Flint, subjected Jacobs to aggressive and…

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