Commercial Burglary Case Study

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This case involved an unknown suspect(s) breaking into the victim’s business through a rear back door with an unknown object in violation of PC 459-Commercial Burglary. LOCATION DESCRIPTION:

This incident took place at The Lincoln Motel which is a two story business located at 1559 Lincoln Avenue. The location is a storage/kitchen room which has a west facing rear door. The point of entry was through the rear door of the room. LOSS / DAMAGE: • There was no damage to the rear door of the storage/kitchen room.

• Vizio 50" television, black in color and worth approximately $750.00.

• Vizio 48" television, black in color and worth approximately $750.00.

• A computer modem, black in color and worth approximately $2,000.00.

On 01-07-16 at approximately ???????? hours, Officer Cass #2067 and I were dispatched to a commercial burglary investigation that occurred at 1559 Lincoln Avenue.

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The 50" Vizio was still in the box which was located along the north wall next to the rear door. The computer modem was on the east side of the room next to the front door which leads onto Lincoln Avenue. I saw that the suspect(s) scattered baking flour throughout the entire room. Ahir told me that he and other employees walked throughout the room and left their footprints on the floor. I also saw that the suspect left their "powdered" footprints from the rear door, through the northeast portion of the north parking lot toward Howard Street and onto the south sidewalk heading east toward the southwest corner of Howard Street and Lincoln Avenue.

Ahir told me the computer modem contained former motel guest credit card and driver 's license information. Ahir also advised the computer modem has guest information from the time it was at the "Rainbow Inn Motel" located at 831 S. Beach Boulevard in Anaheim,

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