The History Of Photography

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When one takes a photograph, they want use to know the most possible from just a snap. A photograph isn 't just a photo they take; within the photo it tells a story and has a mean from the way the photo is taken. Leaving now in the Twenty-First Century a photo means a lot then when it had first came out. The reason that its more manful now is because since we had photography now for a long period of time, we want to keep our photos for a long time to remember those days one had. Not as when it had just came out for the reason it was new and didn 't have much care about it. Within taking a photo it has a connections in history and the ways on how it develop. As well as time has pasted by technology it has also updated from the cameras they use …show more content…
When one takes a photo one doesn 't realized on how everything was developed on one taking a single photo. Every time I would take a photo, I would think about how did it accord to someone to take time in their day to invent some sort of dives that would shoot something and would lasts many years. According to the article “Through Clio’s Lens: Exploring Disciplinary, Intellectual, and Historical Orientations in the History of Photography” written by Anne L. Buchanan and Jean-Pierre V. M. He ́rubel explains the history about photography. Not only photography on taking a photo the different types of the photography but, also art and film. The article titles, “Since its invention in 1839 in Europe, photography has evolved to assume its near hegemonic ubiquity throughout the world”(237). Having photography dose has a sate of being throughout the world. It has provide a sense as well on gathering people together since when they first invented it in the early 1839 and until now. Now in the Twenty-First Century when a group of people gather around weather its with friends or family and the end they would sometime take a photo. The reason why they would is because all of they would want to remember that day and look back in the future and remember what a good day they had that day. As what they wanted to do when they had invented it 1837, for people to remember the day they took the photo and have flash backs on why they had token that photo. An …show more content…
Having a professional photo makes everything look more beautiful in once eyes because of the reason that its taken professional and knows what they 're doing. Whenever I want to know how to take a well photo I search a video. A video that would give you very good information to take a perfect photo is called Photography Tips, Essential Skills, Quickly Transform Your Photos, by Karl Taylor. His video gives tips on different ways to capture the perfect moment; from having the magic hour. The magic hour is when you have the soft light, hard light, transmitted light, and reflected light. Having the soft light means having the shy, the hard light means the sun, transmitted light means the light source of the photo, and the reflected light which means that is off the water and sand. When having the soft and hard light together it would make the photo mare interesting and when you have all the items together one would be able to have a fantastic image. Taylor noted, “get your feet wet, to get the best shot”. The reason on why he had said that was because he was showing on how to take the perfected photo for a sunset. Thats why to have the perfected photo for a sunset, sometime you have to get your feet wet; best time is before and after the sunset rises and sets. Having the lighting is not only from having the magic hour. Not all photographers take photos outside. Most photographers take photos inside and out for the reason

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