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  • The Importance Of Rate My Professor

    As the rate of college students using Rate My Professor website is growing quite rapidly in the United States, the question of whether it will benefit students’ schoolwork quality or not has sparked a lot debate. Rate My Professor is the largest online destination for entirely student-generated professor comments and ratings. Indeed, there is no doubt that the celebrated website, Rate My Professor, tends to be the quite popular reference for our college students to arrange every semester schedule due to its including a general range of college professors, no matter senior or fledgling. In addition to that the website enables students reflecting their comments and professors receiving feedback, in fact the majority of college students, primarily utilize it to schedule the courses with…

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  • Professor Charlotte Mcmath: Identity And The Future

    describes the life of Professor Charlotte McMath, an older woman with reddish - blonde hair and green eyes hidden behind a pair of round-framed glasses. Professor McMath is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at Mississippi College (MC) in Clinton, MS and she’s also an advisor to many students who plan on graduating with a degree in mathematics from MC. Lots of people could learn from the life of Professor McMath because of hardwork in her past, which gave her the…

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  • Personal Narrative: Meeting My Professors

    Meeting My Professors At the begging of every college students career they get the same pice of advice at one point or another. Meet with your professors. This year I did just that. I emailed every one of my professors asking them if there was a time that we could meet to discuss what I can do to succeed in their class. Most of them gave the same advice but they were all different in how they went about it. The first meeting I had was with my Foundations Art Studio professor. Her name is…

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  • High School Teachers Vs College Professors

    Many High school students are constantly reminded College professors are not the same as High school teachers. But why is that? Both high school teachers and college professor’s main role is to teach their students, give assignments and deadlines and more. High school teachers compared to College Professors is a conflicting subject. In ways both teachers and professors have similar roles. Although professors are great instructors., but teachers are more structured and organized, constantly…

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  • Why College Professors Should Not Take Attendance

    transition. First off, most students do not understand the difference between a high school teacher and college professor. Second problem would be going to class every day. Many polls suggest college professors should be required to take attendance just like high school teachers; however, I think…

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  • Professor X Wants You Analysis

    He the serum and at first, it seems to work, but there’s a price to pay for vanity. In Christopher Robichaud’s essay Professor X Wants You, he says “The choice he’s prepared to pay more for is the one he prefers more” (par. 9). Beast wanted to be normal so bad, he risked his own self to do so. The inevitable Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde transformation that happens proves him wrong. The serum did alter his DNA and appearance; but instead of looking normal be becomes the beast he already thought he…

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  • My Job Shadow

    For my job shadow, I visited a college campus to observe a professor. I went to Mankato State University and watched a class in one of the buildings. We then took a tour of the campus while Professor Strunk described her daily jobs and what the students do while on campus. What I observed was a class and some of Professor Strunk’s daily activities. As it was the first day of summer classes, we observed Professor Strunk go over the syllabus for the class and hear her expectations. After the…

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  • The Importance Of Trigger Warnings In Schools

    College is supposed to teach students freely and discuss material that open ups the mind without limitation. According to college professor Lisa Hjjar, “Any kind of trigger policy is inimical to academic freedom” (Medina). An example of this would be if an English professor wants to read the book “The Adventures Huckleberry Finn”. This book has many trigger warning on it because of the numerous racial slurs. But, the book also has a moral teaching behind it that is expressed throughout the book…

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  • Black Faculty Relationship Study

    Marcus acknowledged that he didn 't always see eye to eye with his White professors, especially due to the position of power that faculty held, but he treated it as a learning experience. He felt that he was often on "opposing sides of the table": All of these interactions shaped a great understanding of how I engaged what I perceived to be power. It gives me a fuller understanding of how to assert my own power. Even if they were in negative situations, I gleaned some sort of lesson from the…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Stay At Brock University

    University, I had the opportunity to meet a large variety of professors and educators each approaching teaching in different unique ways. Many seek unity in terms of what is best for a student 's learning experiences resulting in many professors debating over the most efficient and effective method. Some professors prefer to stay with using limited amounts of technologies and sticking with traditional methods of testing such as exams and essays . Others feel that using technology in their…

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