Professional practice of behavior analysis

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  • Sex Offender Behavior Analysis

    Issues regarding sex offenders can be found at all levels of the correctional system. During entry and housing in jails while waiting sentencing, to housing in prisons, and then again when a sex offender enters probation or parole. Leaders in the corrections field have closely worked with psychology experts to find a viable solution on a multitude of problems these specific offenders pose. One of the problem area’s solutions is the concept of behavior modification. Behavior modification is not a new concept as far as corrections is concerned; some say that the whole corrections process is geared towards behavior modification. Sex offender behavior modification is a growing sub group of the rehabilitation model. While most argue the importance…

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  • Onychotillomania Case Study

    study conducted by Snorrason and Woods (2014), looked at a 37 year-old adult male with a chronic nail and skin picking habit treated with acceptance-enhanced behavior therapy.…

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  • O. Ivar Lovaas Argumentative Essay

    methods and claimed that if he had gotten a hold of Hitler when Hitler was young, he could have changed Hitler to be kind. Some of Lovaa’s more controversial methods in terms of today was his use of electric shock and other kinds of physical punishment to keep a behavior from being repeated. People back in Lovaas’ times thought that Autistic individuals and other people with varying problems could not be helped. Lovaas proved through his methods that these types of individuals, or at least some…

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  • Argumentative Debate: The Two Side Of The Fight Against Spanking Children

    extent. Some believe spanking is a necessary tool in instilling respect and appropriate behavior, while others argue that does more damage to a child than it does reparation. But what side of the controversy is the stronger argument? Those that are on the pro-spanking side of the discussion…

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  • Statement Of Purpose In Educational Psychology

    psychological aspects of learning and behavior in order to make the impact that I truly desire. This very special child elicited a life-changing experience, which turned my focus from classroom teaching to enacting change in different ways. Seeing children struggle to no avail is the reason I am choosing to pursue a career in educational/school psychology, working collaboratively with classroom teachers, support staff, and families to provide essential support to maximize the success of all…

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  • Ethical Scenarios For Behavior Analysis

    Introduction In the field of behavior analysis we may encounter ethical situations that we would need to address. BCBA need to provide quality services in an ethical manner at all times (BACB, 2014). Continuing or education and knowledge of the ethical guidelines are an essential tool behavior analyst need to use often. Below are five scenarios that could happen while collaborating with other professionals in the school environments. These five scenarios were selected because ABA and the field…

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  • The Importance Of Professional And Ethical Dilemmas

    The Professional and Ethical Compliance Code for Behavior Analysts was developed to ensure ethical consistency and adherence of the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). These professional standards guide the application of ABA (Cooper, Heron, & Heward, 2007). I have worked in the social services field for most of my life and ethics have been a frequent topic of discussion in staff meetings or training workshops. When I began in the field, I did not have an understanding of the term…

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  • Behavior Analyst Certification Plan

    Plan for Certification In order to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) one must meet the requirements as deemed necessary by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB). One of the main purposes of the BACB is to credential Behavior Analysts and provide standards for practice (Behavior Analyst Certification Board, Inc., 2016). In establishment of credentialing guidelines, the BACB has developed necessary steps which include meeting educational requirements, obtaining…

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  • Assignment: Fine Tuning

    Artifact 1: Fine Tuning Assignment Course: 567, Ethics Task List items: G-06, G-07 Content area G: Identification of the Problem, includes task list items G-06: Provide behavior analytic services in collaboration with others who support and/or provide services to one’s clients and G-07: Practice within one’s limits of professional competence in applied behavior analysis, and obtain consultation, supervision, training, or make referrals as necessary (Behavior Analyst Certification Board, 2012).…

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  • Classroom Management Evaluation

    Through the execution of a detached open-ended qualitative design an evaluation of a first year special education teacher was conducted. The purpose of the evaluation was to gain insight to daily lessons and routines in which students encounter on a daily basis. An environmental evaluation was carried out, thereby illuminating effective and ineffective elements incorporated into the learning atmosphere. An analysis of classroom management techniques was the key focus of the evaluation. It is…

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