Ethical Scenarios For Behavior Analysis

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In the field of behavior analysis we may encounter ethical situations that we would need to address. BCBA need to provide quality services in an ethical manner at all times (BACB, 2014). Continuing or education and knowledge of the ethical guidelines are an essential tool behavior analyst need to use often. Below are five scenarios that could happen while collaborating with other professionals in the school environments. These five scenarios were selected because ABA and the field of education are my areas of interest once I become BCBA.
Scenario 7
Professionals in the field of education, sometimes forget children have the right to privacy and their reports are confidential. How do you politely tell another professional
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Therefore, ethical guideline 2.09 was not being adhered too. This guideline refers to the client should receive effective treatment designed for the individual client. The effective treatment must benefit the client and society in short and long term goals. However, behavior analyst have a ethical responsibility to their colleagues if treatment may have been unethical and affected the clients right to treatment you must remain calm and be sure you are working with first hand evidence. Behavior analyst must follow guideline 7.02 ethical violations by others. They must determine if the client was potential for harm or legally violated. If the client was violated then behavior analysts must report the violated to appropriate authorities and document their efforts. Furthermore, if behavior analyst can resolve an informal issue they should bring it to the person’s attention to be resolved. They must also document their efforts to resolve the issue (Bailey & Burch, 2016). The behavior analyst should conduct a new functional assessment in order to provide the client with an effective behavioral …show more content…
She exhibited noncompliant, off task, out of seat, swearing, and not completing class work. The parents are currently taking the child to see a psychologist however, the psychologist has never seen the child in the school setting. A point sheet was designed by the psychologist and they are asking the BCBA to incorporate the point sheet in the behavior plan. The point sheet is not effective and the psychologist is well known in the community and highly like by the child’s parents. However, the child’s behavior is worse and the point sheet does not seem effective in the classroom. The BCBA thinks she can develop a better behavioral plan. However, she does not want to come across as a know-it-all because she is a new

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