Becoming A Board Certified Behavior Certification (Bcb, (Bacc)

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Plan for Certification In order to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) one must meet the requirements as deemed necessary by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB). One of the main purposes of the BACB is to credential Behavior Analysts and provide standards for practice (Behavior Analyst Certification Board, Inc., 2016). In establishment of credentialing guidelines, the BACB has developed necessary steps which include meeting educational requirements, obtaining supervision hours to achieve necessary skills while providing direct service, and passing a comprehensive exam to obtain national certification. Each step is designed to ensure the BCBA is fully prepared not only to practice within the field, but to practice …show more content…
Content area covered include basic behavior analytic skills, which covers 6 areas of concern and contains approximately 78 questions, and client centered responsibilities, which includes five areas directly involved with treatment and will also include a minimum of 2 ethics related questions per section; this section contains 72 graded questions (Behavior Analyst Certification Board, n.d.). In order to prepare for the exam, I have begun taking the CBA Learning Modules made available through Kaplan University. Version 8 of the CBA Learning Modules is aligned with the BACB’s 4th addition task list and enables me to be better prepared to take the exam (Behavior Development Solutions, 2016). Currently I am utilizing only the acquisition mode of the modules and taking notes in those areas I need more practice; I will then return to these areas after studying flashcards and reading the Cooper book. I have recently begun completing the fluency modules in those areas I feel confident. After graduation, I plan on re-reading the Cooper book, and retaking all the CBA modules in both acquisition and fluency prior to taking the exam. In doing so I should be able to identify those areas of weakness that may remain. Additionally, I have created a compact disc containing the concepts from the Cooper book in question and answer format, that I listen to when driving in my car. Currently, my main area of focus has been the graphing section as it presented the most difficulty due to wording of questions. Through the identification of areas of weakness both through the use of the CBA modules and in utilization of skills in the classroom and in practice, I can identify areas of concern to work on both through study and with my supervisor in order to gain the necessary knowledge to pass the exam to become

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