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  • Linkedin Case Study

    No matter what line of work you are in, having an up-to-date and professional looking LinkedIn page is essential to networking and job hunting. LinkedIn has become the preeminent source that hiring managers refer to when looking at job candidates before and after a face-to-face interview. Providing a one-stop-shop for all the information and references a prospective employer would need is what LinkedIn does best; however, it is up to you to make sure that your profile makes the best first impression your personal professional brand. Let’s look at the five items you need on your profile in order to get the most out of LinkedIn. 1. Add details, details, details Thinks of LinkedIn as a more specifics oriented and complete resume, displaying everything…

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  • Military Profession Of Arms

    to operate efficiently. This concept is a direct reflection on our military’s professional legacy, but specifically in the realm of the true enablers within our Armed Forces – the Human Resources Professionals. Standing vigilantly in the background, Human Resource (HR) personnel represent…

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  • The Role Of Social Media In Healthcare

    media has opened doors for a new world in healthcare. Many healthcare organizations use the social media to communicate with potential consumers by promoting wellness programs, marketing new services, and announcing the newest accomplishments in patient care. In this paper, I will focus on the impact social media has on medical decision support. Also discuss the various social media sites that are used in CDSS and their impact Introduction Technology and social media is…

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  • The Social Revolutionization Of Linkedin

    Did you know that as of October 2015, LinkedIn has more than four-hundred million members in over two hundred countries? And that LinkedIn has over six time the numbers of members that their closest competition, Viadeo, a French company, have? Sometime at the end of 2002, a then 35-year-old Reid Hoffman recruited a team of old colleagues to help him create a professional business connection website. Six months later, LinkedIn was launched. It included five basic functions such as adding a user…

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  • Linkedin Swot Analysis Paper

    international students and mobile developers. The business schools spent between several thousand to more than one million dollars on Facebook advertising. MeetSocial received commissions for help selling Facebook ads to companies in China (Abkowitz, A., 2015). LinkedIn The company is an online professional network with at least 200 million members in over 200 countries. Members are able to make professional identity and network online. LinkedIn was founded in 2003 and had its initial public…

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  • Linkedin Mission Statement

    Company Overview The LinkedIn Corporation was started in 2002 in the living room of founder Reid Hoffman. Today, under CEO Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn is the world’s largest online, professional network with over 350 million members in over 200 countries and territories (Papacharissi, 2009). LinkedIn’s mission is to “connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful” (About Us, 2015). In order to achieve this, LinkedIn provides products that allow its users to create and…

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  • Social Media Marketing Strategy

    1997 to 2001. With the advance in internet speed and availability by the year 2000, people were using the internet to socially interact with one another. With the launch of MySpace in 2003 allowed users to privately send messages, create a profile as well as comment on friends bulletins. Soon afterward, Facebook, Twitter , LinkedIn, and YouTube were created and social media would evolve into a fundamental marketing principle. Leverage in marketing was realized when social media elevated…

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  • Business Portfolio: Facebook Task

    Layla Morris Business portfolio Facebook task. 1. Summary of the storyline. The social network movie is about a young man who is attending Harvard and starts a social media revolution when he creates a website called Facebook. This young man, Mark Zuckerberg, was highly intelligent and managed to hack his way through the Harvard’s systems. He does this when he is angry and upset about his recent breakup and creates a page ( where he rates girls on their looks. He then…

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  • Amba 670: A Case Study On The Future Of Facebook

    Future of Facebook Abimbola Odetoye AMBA 670 University of Maryland, University College 6 September 2016 Abstract: With more than 1.9 billion users in the world, Facebook is changing the lives of individuals around the world; connecting families, friendship, partners, and professionals. (Barnett, Han 2011)Facebook has expanded its connection amongst people of all ages and different cultures. The goal of this case study is to identify the future of Facebook, how it will stay ahead…

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  • The Social Network Movie Summary

    Question 1 (Film Summary): The Social Network showcases the invention and development of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg drunkenly starts a website (FaceMash), comparing and rating girls. He is punished with 6 months of academic probation, after crashing Harvard’s network due to FaceMash becoming so popular overnight. He is then recruited by the Winklevoss twins and their business partner, Divya Narendra, as a programmer on their site, Harvard Connection. Mark then gets the idea for ‘Thefacebook’ and…

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