Oktopost Social Media Essay

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The implementation of Enterprise 2.0 platform is primarily focused on changing an organization’s status quo and to make it more flourishing in the market. The related actions involve deployment of new technologies which prove to be beneficial for the companies. The outcome can be advantageous and profitable for the companies. This process involves work process evolution and shifts in organizational structure in certain cases. (Ross Dawson, 2009)
The popular social media platforms like twitter, linkedin, facebook, youTube, instant messaging, web meetings, video conferencing, etc., used for collaboration purposes have now become very common in people’s day-to-day lives. Social media is currently establishing its way towards enterprise communications and management
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Google Analytics tool: Google Analytics provides in-depth statistics about HCL’s social media website-related traffic and sources of traffic. It can be used by HCL to clearly understand how different people are using their social media sites. It also helps in the measurement of the sales and conversions for the company. (Meghan Peters, 2011)
Oktopost HCL utility in B2B business segment: Oktopost is a social media management platform for B2B companies that provide tools for the marketing teams to engage with prospects, schedule campaigns and more importantly, generate leads from the social media. It supports many social media networks such as facebook, twitter, linkedin and google+. This tool is extensively used for managing and building large networks in the marketing segment. Using this tool, blogs can also be shared across various LinkedIn groups. (Trent Dyrsmid, 2014)
When HCL stays active in social media, the features of oktopost which can be useful are:
1) Manages the social profiles of employees and company pages from one single

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