Outline The Benefits Of Using Social Media Analysis

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Recruitment: - platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter has transformed recruiting, resulting in 92% of companies to using these platforms for hiring purposes; up from 89% prior year and 45% of Fortune 500 corporations have social media links on their career page. Statistics shows that LinkedIn is the most favored for recruiting, and 93% of companies uses this platform followed by Facebook at 66% and Twitter 54%. Seventy three percent of recruiters states they are pleased with their hires via social media and a third of employers refused candidates that had negative information in their profiles. With the capabilities of the internet, businesses no longer ask prospective recruits for some information, they search individual profiles …show more content…
To uphold the customer’s philosophy about customer service that states, “that ideally a company will respond in a timely manner and should help solve customers’ problem promptly” (Social Media Strategy for your Business), businesses have strategically placed themselves in social networks and on mobile devices where their customers are to deliver the products/services that is expected.
As a result of the overwhelming use of social media, businesses have experienced added benefits to the organization. One of the benefits experienced is the ability to advertise the company’s brands to promote company status through constant updates of upcoming events on all company brands. Business that outline the objective of their business regardless if it is to strengthen its awareness of the brand, build relationship with customers or to promote new sales, see significant result due to careful management of social media. Another benefit is developing an environment with like-minded individuals that remains loyal to business because of the active social media interaction, they feel a part of the organization and advertise to potential customers. This form of promotion has been known to increase valued and loyal customers and advantageous to marketing. Next is maximizing the amount of exposure the
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Due to the extensive audiences, low cost and easy access, it can be very easy to get caught up into social media, so by becoming aware of the pros and cons prior to getting started can alleviate some of the potential barriers/hurdles that might be

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