Advantages And Competitive Benefits For Facebook To Enter China

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comes. An example of benefit for Facebook to enter China is MeetSocial, a Chinese company in China, has clients from business schools to recruit international students and mobile developers. The business schools spent between several thousand to more than one million dollars on Facebook advertising. MeetSocial received commissions for help selling Facebook ads to companies in China (Abkowitz, A., 2015).
The company is an online professional network with at least 200 million members in over 200 countries. Members are able to make professional identity and network online. LinkedIn was founded in 2003 and had its initial public offering in 2011. The company generates revenue from offering hiring and marketing solutions (LinkedIn – Business
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Currently, the company provides its members with solutions and tools to search, connect, and communicate with other professionals. The company’s website allows members to learn about career opportunities, join industry groups, research organizations, and share information. The company continues to maintain its niche by investing further in content for registered members and customers (Company Profile: LinkedIn, 2015). One of the key strengths of the company is that it is the dominant professional networking site on the internet and gave itself a niche by focusing its business model on professionals. The member and customer base are growing and has two new members every second. LinkedIn’s revenue stream is also diversified over three sources: Talent Solutions, Market Solutions, and Premium Subscriptions. In the event of a market downturn, the company’s revenue would not be affected as much as the sources of income are spread out, rather than dependent on one source like Facebook. To further LinkedIn’s market position, the company has been making company acquisitions that are expected to drive the future of the industry. The company acquired such companies as Slideshare, Pulse, and Bright from 2012 to 2014 (Company Profile: LinkedIn, …show more content…
The company focuses on a niche audience of professionals and does not allow hosting of applications on their website. LinkedIn has 277 million members while Facebook has over one billion users. LinkedIn’s ability to reach a broader audience is limited with these restrictions compared to Facebook. Facebook has a recruiting platform called BeKnown through and allows hosting for applications on its website with the ability to reach a bigger audience. LinkedIn’s market presence in the community can be immensely impacted if the company combat its competition to reach members (Company Profile: LinkedIn,

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