Anvil Media Case Summary

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Brief Summary of the Anvil Media Case
The Anvil Media Company, a search marketing agency, was founded in 2000 by Kent Lewis. They specialize in SEO, pay-per click management, search engine marketing public relations, online reputation management, and social media marketing services. The challenge Lewis faced was to continuously cultivate both his firm’s reputation and his personal brand. He created a two-way communication which enhanced his personal and firms image while making quality connections.
To further strengthen his LinkedIn homepage he sought out associates from every line item of his experience with a request of recommendation. With the help of Slide Share and WordPress he was able to display his expertise. In addition, he incorporated
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Recommendations from LinkedIn should be considered very resourceful due to it being designed to facilitate interaction between business professionals. Their users are required to include their past education, job experience, skills, and so on. These connections are considered a bit more serious due to the amount of professionals involved. It is such a powerful tool with very valuable and professional information. LinkedIn is also an enabler, allowing users to connect their career to other paths. The recommendations serve as a resume and it extends credibility for the company and its users. This simply creates the dots and it’s up to you to connect …show more content…
Adding applications such as Slid Share and WordPress to a LinkedIn profile help enhance it. Lewis used leverage applications such as SlideShare, WordPress, and Events to showcase his expertise and keep his name prominently featured on connections’ homepages. It is a great SEO/brand management tool. In addition, it is great for adding value and marketing when others see your slide.
Question #5 "How can LinkedIn Answers be used to showcase a person's expertise to a broader audience?"
The LinkedIn Answers help showcase a person’s expertise to a broader audience. This helped Lewis apply his expertise and help him gain recognition. These questions are often relevant to the industry and Lewis took advantage of this to share him knowledge. His response were so concise that they were often nominated as “best answer.” This helped him gain recognition and established him as an expert in the industry. This also helped expose him to a larger audience.

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