Social Media Marketing Strategy

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Social media started with a website called Six Degreeś. Though it was the first website that allowed users to create a profile and adds friends, it was short lived lasting from 1997 to 2001. With the advance in internet speed and availability by the year 2000, people were using the internet to socially interact with one another. With the launch of MySpace in 2003 allowed users to privately send messages, create a profile as well as comment on friends bulletins. Soon afterward, Facebook, Twitter , LinkedIn, and YouTube were created and social media would evolve into a fundamental marketing principle. Leverage in marketing was realized when social media elevated customer base covering activities involving sharing of content, videos, and images. There was an increasing brand recognition while improving brand loyalty with a reduction in marketing cost. Facebook is known as the world 's largest social media network with over a billion users worldwide. It is a popular blogging site where family and friends can post feeds and videos with audiences around the globe. Business Fan Page is how business interact with potential customers. The page includes industry-related articles, promotion …show more content…
Changes are being constantly made to anticipate future technological innovations. Customer objectives need to be precise for each specific demographic market. It is not enough to simply generate product, brand or even company awareness if it does not convert to an increase in sales. Not every business can afford to market on every social media outlet, therefore, the marketing should be in aligning each marketing strategy. This allows experimentation to fine tune which social media post and campaigns have the greatest impact on capturing value and retaining over a specific period of time. If you are unable to have an accurate objective then you will not be able to measure its

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