The Influence Of Apple's Presence On Social Networking

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• Introduce the general problem/opportunity.
To explore whether ‘Apple’ should establish a presence on social networking, especially on Facebook, to build stronger relationships with its customers.
• Why is this research important?
For Apple, Facebook is a chance to promote their company and products to a wider and denser audience. Also, to build a stronger relationship with its customers that it may not have had in the past. Therefore, the reasons for using Facebook should be researched and analysed.
• Why did you decide to do this study?
Being a regular social networking user and also being a fan of Apple as a company, owning various Apple products. I notice a social networking ‘absence’ from Apple and became interested in finding the reasons why Apple has a lack of presence on social networking platforms, especially on Facebook.
• Outline the broad field of study.
Why Apple?
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Presented in the literature review are the following key findings from various literature used:
How consumers that are active on Facebook now depend on Facebook marketing for their purchase choices and how page visitor information saved on Facebook can improve customer experience with a companies brand (Literature Topic: “The Benefits from Facebook Marketing.”)
How Apple’s closest competitor, Samsung, credited using a metric powered social networking approach across its forty-four internationally friendly Facebook Pages to increase its sales globally and increase its bond with its customer base, making it the number one brand in Europe, a head of Apple. (Literature Topic: “Samsung’s social networking success in Europe, 2013.”)
• Brief justification of research

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