The Role Of Social Media In Healthcare

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The advancement of social media in healthcare technology is rapidly increasing and growing all around the world. Social media has opened doors for a new world in healthcare. Many healthcare organizations use the social media to communicate with potential consumers by promoting wellness programs, marketing new services, and announcing the newest accomplishments in patient care. In this paper, I will focus on the impact social media has on medical decision support.
Also discuss the various social media sites that are used in CDSS and their impact

Technology and social media is changing the way people and organizations intermingle and share information. The development of online social networks around
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Social networking could really help to discover new ways to communicate knowledge by moving the focus toward a more and more ubiquitous learning developed by community interactions. Social media has become one with the fabric of society and while it may undergo constant evolution over its lifespan, it will remain part of the world in which we live for the foreseeable future.

Social media provides many different outlets for society today. Healthcare organizations and physicians use social media for networking purposes to inform the public about different diseases and trends in healthcare, etc.

Some physicians stray away from social networks worried that the information provided will be taken out of content and will lead to a malpractice lawsuit against them. But the physicians see the beauty of using social network sites to connect with their peers and patients. all is that but for the physicians who don?t
This is especially useful when patients present unusual symptoms or the case occurs in a remote part of the globe. Also notable, SERMOresearch permits physicians to gain revenue (via Honoria). Those experts who have experience with specific drugs, medical devices or

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