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  • The Importance Of Member Education

    New members develop an understanding of themselves, their relationship to the chapter, and the Fraternity as a whole. The New Member Experience is comprised of a six-week curriculum, which is supplemented by Aspirations — a hard-copy keepsake book given to each member as a resource and welcome gift. To view Aspirations, click here. The six-week curriculum is shown on the right. Member Education Beyond the New Member Experience, all of our members benefit from Every Member Education. The chart to the right outlines the structure for education that falls under each pillar. The courses are meant to cover a variety of topics beyond the Kappa experience, including personal, professional and intellectual development. Below are some examples from our EME online portal. Leadership Development Leadership development is an integral part of the Kappa experience and ensures that our members embrace the idea of women elevating women. Like NAU, we want to integrate a global focus by instilling the values of integrity and service from the very beginning of a member’s Kappa journey. From day one, members are encouraged to explore leadership roles within their chapters, specifically through the chapter committee structure.…

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  • Skill Development Among Student Affairs Professionals Analysis

    Development Among Student Affairs Professionals by Darby M. Roberts is a short article based on research conducted amongst student affairs professionals in the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA) Region III. Roberts’ research was conducted to show the variety of skills possessed by student affairs professionals on different levels such as new professionals, mid-managers, and senior officers. New professionals are individuals who have worked in student affairs for…

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  • Anthropological Observation Paper

    For our Anthropological observation project, we observed SDT, an on-campus sorority at Binghamton University. These letters represent the Greek letters Sigma Delta Tau. SDT relates to the mainstream culture by bringing those with similar interests together. The culture and customs of current college students are represented by all of Greek life. Greek life provides students with the ability to join together, socialize, and participate in philanthropy events. New students are often intrigued to…

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  • Why I Want To Become President

    especially in the field of business. So, in the second week of school, I joined various business clubs such as the Financial Management Club, the Entrepreneurship Club, and the Investment Club because I believed that these clubs could help build me. However, when I first saw Alpha Kappa Psi tabling, I was immensely hooked. The whole atmosphere of the fraternity was very different from the various clubs I was in. It was diverse, filled with various types of people with different types of…

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  • The Importance Of Kappa Leadership Conference

    and focuses on officer-specific training as well as adviser training. The presented programming aligns with our Pillars of Education. For example, this year, subject-matter experts will conduct education and training on topics concerning well-being—specifically mental health and diversity. The key: Every Member Education is one way we prepare our members for leadership opportunities. It is designed to meet the needs of each member at every stage of her life. Kappa shares an educator’s…

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  • Bine Drinking On Campus Essay

    excepted. A big place where peer pressure is present is at sporting events. These events present the opportunity, for all age levels of students to come together, and this is when the freshman want to impress others. If students can drink a lot, they will then be considered popular, and that is what most college students want. Football games are a big cause of peer pressure because of the tailgates. Also football season is in the fall which is right in the beginning of school, so all students…

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  • Summary: Fast Facts About Greek Life

    Department of Education shows that members of fraternities and sororities graduate at a rate in excess of 70 percent. • In May 2014, the Gallup Poll released research showing that members of Greek-letter organizations are more likely than all other college graduates to thrive in five areas of well-being, including purpose, social, financial, community and physical. • Members of Greek-letter organizations who are employed full time are more engaged in the workplace (43 percent). This is…

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  • Imperatives Of College Tuition

    graduation (Armstrong and Hamilton 2013). Educating strivers, however, is costly due to their inability to contribute fully to college tuition. Lastly, universities engage in a prestige arms race to boost national rankings and improve academic reputations. By lowering acceptance rates and heightening admission requirements, universities can reject all but the most affluent high-achieving students who can maximize prestige. These students—identified as either "achievers" or "underachievers"—fit…

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  • Education Chairman Case Study

    purposes and ideals and promoting intellectual development and personal growth. The program also provides leadership and skill-building activities. Role of Education Chairman: ➢ Develop a comprehensive, year-long educational program designed to educate chapter members about leadership, personal development, women’s issues and cultural programming, using Pathways, Not Anymore, Every Member Education, as well as other Fraternity, campus and internet resources. ➢ Enhance membership by providing…

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  • My Decision To Join A Sorority

    What was your opinion on Greek Life before you joined your sorority? I thought Greek Life was very fake. The girls seemed to want to be trophy wives, etc. The picture I got was a lot of drinking, hazing, and mean girls. What made you decide to join a sorority? Part of me had always wondered if the stereotype was true, and a lot of my friends from high school were now sorority women. When I met some of the girls who are now my sisters, I really enjoyed talking to them. They made me feel like not…

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