Why I Want To Become President

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Before I go into detail regarding my qualifications and other adjustments I would like to make as President, I would like to explain why I wish to become President. When I first came into Syracuse University, I wanted to find a place where I could nurture myself and build skills that would make me become a better leader, especially in the field of business. So, in the second week of school, I joined various business clubs such as the Financial Management Club, the Entrepreneurship Club, and the Investment Club because I believed that these clubs could help build me. However, when I first saw Alpha Kappa Psi tabling, I was immensely hooked. The whole atmosphere of the fraternity was very different from the various clubs I was in. It was diverse, filled with various types of people with different types of knowledge and experience. It was fun, with people …show more content…
It was home. I didn’t join Alpha Kappa Psi for the only reason to help build myself professionally, but it was because I wanted to help it grow. It was a place in which I wanted to nurture not only myself, but the organization itself. That’s why I’m so willing to dedicate so much of my time to the brotherhood as I don’t just simply believe in the brand of Alpha Kappa Psi, but the brand of the Alpha Omicron Chapter. But passion alone doesn’t necessitate the responsibilities to take up the position of President of a fraternity as great as this so I will bring about my contribution for this fraternity and what I hope to bring.

Throughout my term as a brother for Alpha Kappa Psi, the only position I have held is Parliamentarian, which was a new

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