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National Honor Society (NHS) is built upon four key values (scholarship, character, leadership, and service), and I think that I exemplify all four of these values, as I show them through my contribution to the club now and as I will show them through my future officer position of secretary; due to the fact that I exhibit these qualities, I will also be able to leave NHS better than I found when I leave the club in the future. NHS has offered lots of service opportunities since I have joined the club, and it offers a challenging experience for the top students in the sophomore through senior classes; fifty hours must be completed by the end of the year for returning members, and fifty hours must be completed by the next school year for new members. The club ultimately instilled in me important and very useful life qualities. The service activities that must be completed improve my work ethic and ability to work in groups with others, and they also help me get involved more with my community. As a future officer, I would be a great example for members because I have all the qualities needed to be a great NHS leader, allowing me to contribute to NHS as much as I can and to also mold future members to be like myself.
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I may not have the leadership abilities that I should have, but I hope to improve them in the future. I believe I fully contain all the other qualities of an NHS member though, and they are all in my personality because of my character. I have a great character and work ethic which drives me to be a great scholar, be a leader, and also do as much as I can for my community. As secretary, I hope to improve the overall quality of the club and leave the future members with a much better experience than I am having. I hope NHS brings as much to others as it did to me, and I want future members to get as much out of NHS as I have and

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