Bine Drinking On Campus Essay

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In today’s society the use of alcohol has become a major problem. Television commercials, billboards, and sporting events are all ways people are exposed to alcohol. But the most serious problem is the use of alcohol on college campuses. Some colleges support the use of alcohol on campus, but college students continue to take advantage of alcohol usage. The three factors which contribute to students who binge drink on college campuses are peer pressure, a relief from stress, and risk taking.
The first factor which contributes to college students binge drinking on campus is peer pressure. Peer pressure is a major problem for students, especially freshman. When students first get on campus, they want to meet new people, and will do anything
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Since college students are young, risk taking is still a big part of their lives. Many college students do not think through their decisions, nor do they care what the outcome may be. Even though, students can be harmed just as easily as anyone else. Students think they are young and invincible. They will drink as much as they can because most students believe nothing will happen to themselves. The feeling of taking a risk in front of a huge crowd gives an individual an adrenaline rush, and if the risk works out, they will continue to take these dangerous risks. This is a cycle that will continue until the student becomes seriously hurt. The poor decision making skills young students have is a huge reason they binge drink. Most students will do anything they are told just to fit in, and do not think about the decisions and risks they are taking. Students who do not think these things through will almost always end up being hurt as an end result. When taking these risks, a student acts crazy because the crazier the risk the cooler he or she will be. Students will drink more than they ever have just to take the risk, and look cool in front of everyone. These students do not consider the effect their decisions have on themselves, or other people like their family. Some students may not care about the decisions they make because if they can accomplish these risks they will be popular, and that’s what every young college student wants. Risk taking is the biggest influence in binge drinking because taking risks while drinking excessively is a way of earning respect in the college lifestyle of today’s

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