Underage Drinking On College Campuses Essay

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Do you know someone that has consumed alcohol at an early age? Growing up alcohol was very evident in my local junior high and high school. My peers consistently talked about going out on the weekends, sometimes even the week and boasting about being the biggest drinker at a local bar they snuck in to or even going as far as describing extravagant narratives about not remembering the night before from partying too extensively. Underage drinking on college campuses are a common issue nationwide. While students and faculty alike are all aware of the issue not much is done or can be done to end underage consumption. This is such an important issue to discuss due to the fact that a lot of students lose focus on their work and end up failing classes …show more content…
A dry campus is one that doesn’t allow alcohol of any kind in dorms and bars aren’t easily accessible to students. Universities could also require students to attend class five days a week instead of letting them choose to go three or four days. Requiring students to attend classes every day of the week helps prevent them from going out during the week, in hopes that they’d stay in due to having classes the following day. Individuals with more responsibilities tend to focus on what needs to be done rather than engage in reckless and harmful behaviors to young adults who continue to develop throughout their college experience. An example of a dry campus would be MNU in Kansas, the article What’s the Point of a Dry Campus discusses the positives of this type of school while capitalizing on the effects of drinking on college students. Some might argue that it isn’t fair to the upperclassman who may be twenty-one or over. While they are legally considered adults and are able to choose whether or not they want to partake in that activity, it’s not always a smart one. Alcohol undoubtedly changes the mood of an area. Students would surely feel more safe in an academic environment than one that isn’t about partying and being irresponsible. When academics are the priority of a campus, more and more students are likely to succeed when they see their peers excelling

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