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  • Essay On Audio Engineering

    Audio Engineering What I already know about this Topic? Ever since I was little, I have enjoyed making melodies. I used to take my mom’s pans from the kitchen and a pair of spoons to create annoying beats, but to me they were very enjoyable and impressive! My passion for music really came to life when I was about 14-15 years old. I realized that I had a different type of connection with music. Listening to music reflected on my moods and I always preferred upbeat music because it kept it in a pleasant mood. Of course, being a teenager, I also fell in love with the lifestyle of the musicians. I started watching YouTube videos on their day to day activities. While all of this was going on, I became very curious as to how music is created. After…

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  • The Importance Of Staying At DTM Records

    established and reputable company that you can depend on to put your hard work as a musician together. This task is not difficult as long as you can rely on the right professionals to get your work compiled exactly the way you want it. When you have a passion for music it is essential for you to turn to the appropriate source that will help you to achieve your dreams. At DTM Records, we make the process simple for you to manage. Within the walls of our recording studio, we give you the assurance…

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  • Music Studio Case Study

    The pricier studios are usually found in the larger areas associated with the music industry, like New York, Los Angeles, Nashville, or Atlanta. Smaller areas, such as Montgomery, Birmingham, and Mobile tend to stay under $100 per hour, but usually cost more than $50 per hour, depending on the quality of the studio. Around Montgomery, the least expensive professional studio that advertises regularly offers digital recording services for as little as $50 per hour. The Cage will offer studio time…

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  • 1. Assess The Importance Of Feedback In Communication

    68). Framing the feeling will grant someone the ability to discover that their behavior affects us and not that people cause our feelings (Sipe & Frick 2009, pp.68-69). Making a request helps to be clear and realistic to a person and how one can initially serve them (Sipe Frick 2009, p.69). This helps to give feedback in a positive, firm tone that makes the other person aware of what they can improve on. The value to a leader to give feedback to their followers is that the leader can evaluate…

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  • Personal Statement Sound Engineering

    electronics is part of the course. I also study mathematics and physics in my engineering course, and I know that Sound engineering involves some mathematics, so Calculus, Logic and trigonometry skill will be fundamental to knowledgeable practise. Also since I study physics, I can study acoustics in Sound engineering. So far with studying engineering, I could easily say that trigonometry and solving Algebraic equations is what I enjoy studying the most. Based on my experiences, I have attended…

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  • Goldman Sachs Case Analysis

    Protagonist: Mike Silva, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s senior supervisory officer for Goldman Sachs. Main Issue: The main problem in this case is Mike Silva needs to figure out how to get Carmen Seggara to change her disruptive personality in order to communicate more effectively with the rest of her management staff and fellow employees. Many staff members have gotten frustrated because of her negative criticism. Sub-elements of the Main Issue: The additional issues that will have to…

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  • Reflection: Alternative Pathway Leading To Learning

    Student: I didn’t do so well on the division of fractions assessment. I want to complete a retake tomorrow. Teacher: Tomorrow will work well. Be sure to get a division of fractions remedial sheet from the folder on the counter. The sheet includes important re-teaching points as well as practice problems to help you prepare for the retake. Student (After completing retake assessment): I don’t think I did well because this isn’t the same assessment. The numbers in the problem are different.…

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  • Case Study Of Dimension: Quality Of Feedback

    Dimension: Quality of Feedback Focus of dimension: Assesses the degree to which the teacher provides feedback that expands learning and understanding and encourages continued participation. Summary of strengths: Scaffolding: There were a few examples of teachers providing children with the necessary help to allow them to succeed or complete a task. For example, a child was having difficulty opening up a cheese wrapper. The teachers provided assistance by giving verbal (push it up, hold it…

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  • Effective Coaching Essay

    not only criticize but also to share in the success of employees. Collaboration Coaches and mentors give a person for new employees to unite or bond with as they start to work with an organization. These persons assist employees to learn navigate a company and how to finish tasks effectively. Furthermore, coaches and mentors may be requested to work for a team project assist in keeping team members on the same page andensure communication is made effectively. Why chose this approach This has…

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  • Formal Analysis: David Bourdon And Gregory Battcock

    Formal Analysis: David Bourdon and Gregory Battcock David Bourdon and Gregory Battcock is an oil on canvas piece by the artist Alice Neel. In this piece you see two seated men, one in suit and tie and the other only in underwear. Both men seem to be staring off into the distance with disinterest. This piece is actually a portrait of the openly gay couple. Alice specialized in portraits and bringing attention to features others usually didnt say much about although you could not help think of.…

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