Stomach Flu-Personal Narrative

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Stomach Flu
One Saturday morning I woke up. I was excited to go to my friend's house because we had planned it earlier that week. So I got up and did my morning things like taking a shower, eating and brushing my teeth. After that I watched TV until it came close to the time for me to head over to his house. Once I had arrived, I announced myself with an excited “Hello!” and my friend returned the hello. We ended up playing video games like MineCraft and drinking Mountain Dew for the rest of the day and playing Survival Games and Factions on MineCraft it was very fun me and my friend enjoyed playing MineCraft. Then, during the night I was watching videos on my phone on YouTube and I wasn’t paying much attention to much else but I did notice my friend sluggishly walking up the stairs and I was curious. So I looked up from my phone to see what he was doing and I saw him throw up on the stairs as I watched he walked back down the stairs. So I had him finish up throwing up in the trash can next to the stairs as his barf ran like a river down the stairs. I was quite annoyed because he tried getting to the bathroom when there was a trash can right next to him.
But I started to ponder on how I would get up the stairs that were going drip drip to get
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I ended up watching TV for the rest of the day and I remember watching Scooby Doo the movie and The Fantastic 4. I was kind of bored because all I could really do was sit around and do nothing but watch TV and lay on the couch because I felt horrible. As I looked out at the snow it looked like the white cloudy sky. After a while my mom came back home from work and I ate dinner and went to bed and the next morning I felt better and went to school a little mad that I spend my now day sick

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