In The Combat Zone Analysis

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A girl by the name of Leslie Marmon Silko was born in Albuquerque in 1948. She was born in a time where violence was a huge factor in her life. In 2000, Leslie wrote an essay titled “In the Combat Zone”. She wrote this essay to let women know that the use of guns for self-defense not just against strangers, but also rapists and killers really is okay. All people, but mostly women, need to be able to defend themselves and not let anyone take advantage of them. In her essay, Leslie brings up many of her own personal experiences, and uses it as evidence as to why guns are okay to be used as self-defense.
Guns can be both useful, but may also backfire in some situations. If a woman is attacked by surprise, it may not be the best idea to have a
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According to RAINN, “Victims of Sexual Violence: Statistics”, 82% of all juvenile sexual assault victims are female and 90% of adult victims are female. There are many reasons why men sexually assault women. Mainly it is because he wants to feel powerful. Men are typically stronger than women, which makes them feel like they can easily overpower a woman physically. Another reason why males are likely to assault a woman, is because they might have grown up in an abusive household, maybe their father or mother was abusive to them and they learned from their actions. Women can also be taken advantage of during parties, when they are drunk or under the influence, guys might think it’s okay to rape or assault the girl because they think she will never remember what …show more content…
I was sexually assaulted by a guy that I graduated with, and who I considered a friend. After a night of hanging out with him and some friends, he was trusted to take me home, but instead, he made the choice to do something that would greatly impact both of our lives. Victim is not a word I use to describe myself. Even then, I viewed myself as athletic, strong, perhaps even invincible. This event is something that I will never forget, it robbed me of my privacy, self confidence, and dignity. I constantly wonder if the people around me mean well or mean me harm. I mentioned earlier in my essay, sexual violence may have long-term effects on victims, which is completely true, now that I have started my first year of college, meeting new people has been especially hard for me mainly because I feel like I can’t trust anyone, I get scared of getting close to people or even being alone with them because of what happened. This assault came as a surprise, and if I had a gun, I definitely would have used

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