Condoms Should Not Be Distributed In High Schools Essay

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Having condoms distributed throughout high schools would be a terrible idea. By giving children the opportunity to get condoms in high school it is going against many religions. Just because high school students have condoms available, doesn’t mean that they will actually use them for the intended purpose of a condom. Distributing condoms in public high schools would cause the school budgets to be squeezed; the taxpayers would have to pay more so their children can have safe sex. One argument about the distribution of condoms in high school is how they are funded. Taxpayers are paying for common education, such as math, reading, writing, and history that is safe to say most of the civilian support. As stated in the article, Condoms in Schools, it explains that “condom distribution undercuts the schools’ unstated purpose of teaching children values…” So why should parents and others be forced to pay for services they don’t agree with, and that is disregarding their responsibility to teach their own children values? The only sex-education required and funded through the government should concern how to be safe and the dangers of diseases and …show more content…
An article from Epigee Women’s Health wrote about researchers have studied more than “1,400 teens and young adults between the ages of 15­21. All of the participants had engaged in sex without protection during the previous 3 months.” Many teenagers and young adults have their own reasons to why they don’t want to or have never used a condom before while engaging in sexual conduct. Again from the Epigee Women’s Health article, it gave many reasons to why people do not wear condoms before having sex. The reasons vary to the temptation to have sex without a condom is greater, the fear of disapproval from their sexual partner and not willing to talk about condom usage with their sexual

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